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Chinese Weapon: Men love to eat Diansha temper?

Man at every turn on the temper, is actually a disease - irritable male syndrome, the disease can lead to excessive depression.
Women have menopause, a woman hormones will change, but the men to a certain age, why are prone to mood swings, irritability, and withdrawn the situation? This shows that men have menopause, they may become irritable male syndrome victims.
With the changing role of men in society, more and more people are suffering from this disease. Because more and more women enter the workplace, more men do not know what role they should play. A result, the economic status of men gradually being threatened, it will naturally affect the mood.
Of social relations, women do not want to succeed or do not have the ability to succeed with men. They were also able to work than those who do not want to marry their men. Therefore, the more men feel that their lack of appeal can not even win a woman's affection.
"Irritable male syndrome" is a Scottish researchers first put forward. He found that when ram sharp decline in testosterone levels, they can become manic and angry, withdrawn and irrational.
He analyzed data from more than 6,000 men found that about half of them said they always or most of the time feeling depressed, depressed or negative.
The survey, 40% of respondents often or always in a hasty, irritable state. Most admitted that they have negative feelings of people also appeared hormonal fluctuations: The testosterone decline is accompanied by increase in pressure loss and male sexuality.

Health Tip:Temper, spleen qi. Chinese medicine, there are five internal organs of the body, still there are five elements of nature. Run between five internal organs disorders, then the illnesses of all kinds. Temper, which refers to the functions and the spleen resulting from microscopic substances or power. "Su asked angry sky-On": "the actual occurrence of flavor is too acid, liver qi to Tianjin, temper is never." "Su Wen-yu machine really dirty on the": "fear is tempered behaved carry on."

Temper eat Diansha Chinese Weapon

In real life, some people are very angry, people around who only know the big temper, but very few thought he might be suffering from a disease. TCM will be irritability, known as the "good anger" should be part of the scope of the disease.
TCM theory holds that the good anger related primarily to the liver, mainly for liver Qi stagnation, anger on the inflammation, spleen liver by three kinds of symptoms.
Qi stagnation
Symptoms of frequent sighing, Xiong Xie pain or strings pain. Liver depression and Qi stagnation causes of disease are mostly depressed, mental stimulation, or by reason of some mental trauma caused by the history.
Responses: first through mental health approach to regulating state of mind and emotions, and for the cause to ease the approach to treatment. Diet can eat more with the role of Shugan Qi foods such as celery, basil, tomatoes, radishes, oranges, grapefruit, orange, citron, bergamot and so on.
Anger on the inflammation
Symptoms for more than sleep, dream, eyes be red throat and mouth pain thirsty. Causes are mostly long-qi Yu, excessive drinking or smoking, or because of excessive eating spicy thing Gan fertilizer due to.
Solution: In addition to quit smoking should be limited to wine, not eat spicy food Gan fat, but also should moderate diarrhea Liver eat hot food, such as bitter gourd, bitter herbs, tomatoes, mung bean, green bean, yellow bean sprouts, celery, cabbage, cabbage, Day Lily, rape, sponge gourd, plum, green plum, hawthorn and citrus.
Spleen liver by
Symptoms who are tired of weak, eat less abdominal distension, two threatening pain, stool and other rare pond. Cause more weakness is due to temperament, qi so strong, affecting the operation of function caused by spleen.
Countermeasures: To spleen qi main diet should eat some spleen Qi effectiveness of foods such as lentils, sorghum, rice, barley, buckwheat, chestnut, lotus seed, Gorgon fruit, Chinese yam, jujube, carrots, cabbage, pumpkin , citrus, oranges and other food.
Over-emotional reactions can damage the body's internal organs and cause illness.
China's traditional spirit of the regimen to overcome the bad feelings have a good effect, by its own regulation and calm anger, but when the mood especially excited, they should also vent through the remote, rational digestion, to divert attention and other methods to eliminate anger, to be calm mood

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