Friday, January 22, 2010

Eight kinds of gestures that have sexual needs of women

Sex life of an extraordinary act of privacy, there is no uniform requirement, and no rules to follow --- it is a lot of misconceptions. Early medical works unearthed in Mawangdui, there are "eight action" and "10 amendment" of the law, to help people better enjoy sex.

Tomb medical Jane "health side" made "eight views", a male partner observed eight different posture movements, and the skills to cope with the estimate said. Respectively, include:

1. To take over, that is, men, women, clinging with both hands stretched out, it wants to make the abdomen fit with each other to enhance the pleasure;

2. Extensor elbow, elbow straight, implying that women want to have contact with each other's upper body, and can reach genitals;

3. Straight heel, heel stretch, raising the buttocks, indicating insertion of men is not enough;

4. Side hook, hook their feet sideways partner, want to make feel the friction on both sides of the clitoris;

5. Hooked, swarmed feet, hook companion, you want to insert deeper;

6. AC unit, legs close together, indicating quite deep thorn, there is not;

7. Ping leap, women sit quiet in the hope that men slow down the pace, magnitude bigger;

8. Vibration of copper, the female body and hips slowly rock shows have been ready for the climax.

Later secondary room of "Motome by" some development in the "eight views" based on the increase in women's Yinye emanation lubrication and female soft-lying direct-lying these two points. The former shows women have reached orgasm, the latter expressed his enjoyment of the pleasure of sex, and body relaxation and calm. Therefore, it is also known as "10 action."

"Eight Values," or "10 action" matter whether these are sexual in the art. It is conducive to a harmonious sexual life husband and wife. Modern people are often keen to "fast food-style" sex, to focus only on results, while ignoring the ramifications of sex in art. This is a species have to say sorry.

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