Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ultimate New Year's maintenance of 18 women

Beauty and health, with, perhaps, is the highest concentration of all female voices of the New Year. This requires attention to all aspects of life, but also need a lot of perseverance and tenacity. In the numerous and busy world, you really can do the exhaustive detail of each one do? In fact, it may encounter great attention to the following far the most critical of the 18 "military rules", you are your body's good managers.

First, the idea of actively

This is as useful as morphine analgesia. Sincere smile, allowing the body to release mood-enhancing substances. So, even if you had the worst day, but also the most positive way to think about. Bad mood because people are more sensitive.

Second, concerned about the "old friend"

Meet in once a month and your "old friend", is a woman friend, also a women's fertility performance. So they will have carefully considerate treatment, "she": to know what is normal and what is "her" strange signals. Menstruation can be very well reflect the overall health of a woman. So, if what a "she" did not come knocking, and when the net is not dripping, or the quantity of the less, you should carefully check: Is the recent excessive pressure? Or ovary, thyroid, etc. there has been some situation? Or even a precursor to diabetes?

3, so that lower abdomen flattening

Many people think that every day hundreds of sit-ups can cook trained to fit and lower abdomen, but unless you're practicing six hours straight, abdominal exercises do not burn off the fat here. Really want to practice the stomach is small, it can be done for 30 minutes or more activities of cardiovascular exercise, such as running, but three times a week, this is the real "burning" of fat.

4, pregnant tips

Actually the reason a lot of female infertility are: no sex at the right time. Should be how to do it? Calculate the days of your menstrual cramps, back last 12-16 days. In those days, having sex at least once every two days. If this can be lovely sperm hit ovulation.

5, medication should be careful

Medication before, to read medicine instructions. Although it looks simple, but in fact many people do not seriously look at the description of those non-prescription, of which the dosage and side effects, in fact, is very important. Some women will gynecologists, dermatologists have prescribed for non-prescription drugs, mixed together to eat. In fact, conflict may arise between them. Non-prescription drugs may affect the efficacy of prescription drugs, but also increase the latter's side effects. Medication ago, more than ask a doctor; doctor, tell a doctor what medicine you are eating.

6, eat more healthy

When purchasing, remember to make their food basket filled with different colors of fruits and vegetables. Richer colors to help the more antioxidants in disease prevention. Furthermore, these fruits and vegetables may be seasonal, but also locally produced, reducing transportation and refrigeration of them losses.

7, maintaining the brain activity

The best exercise to keep the brain activity was reading books and playing cards also play an instrument. Studies have shown that the above activities if they can do at least 3-4 times a week, each can be at least 15 minutes, allowing the possibility of problems occurring memory by 35%.

8, good dental care

Chewing sugar-free chewing gum after meals can reduce the food produced by acidic substances, such acids damage tooth enamel, but one of the culprits oh. If the piece of cheese after a meal to eat is also good because the cheese is alkaline, and can be produced in and food fermentation acids. If you have a drink or fruit juice, then remember to use straw, so to minimize the drinks and tooth contact.

9, a little drink

To drink alcoholic beverages a day is conducive to health, but many are bad. Well, this "little" is how much? According to Beer, this means 571 milliliters of wine is 125 ml, spirits can only be 25 ml.

10, protect eyesight

Wear sunglasses that can help your eyes from cataracts and other diseases, the most important means. Vote for those who can 100% stop the UV rays of the sun glasses. Summer, 10 am to 4 pm between the sun's rays the strongest, when most need to wear sunglasses.

 11, diet Bieguo Tou

Proper diet is important, but the daily calories of food provided must not be less than 1200 calories. Otherwise, your body's metabolism will slow down, but makes you more difficult to consume energy.

12 preventionBreast

There have been studies showed that exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer, so the best prevention is to wear athletic shoes, sports to go!

13, the pressure please go away

Women feel the pressure, one of the most important reason is this: worry. However, fear can also be divided into two categories: positive and negative concerns concerns. What is the active concern? If you are worried about misuse of the aircraft will naturally good luggage but deftly finishing on time arrival at the airport. However, the worry that the crash may belong to worry about the negative. You need to eliminate this unwanted self-torture. Although you know what fear is negative, can they not immediately rid of it, but at least it is a good start.

14, security, good sets Presentation

Prior to the wonderful sex, remember to wear a condom male companion. Britain has a survey found that 6% of young people in the last sex life, to "do" only after a while wearing a condom, as well as 7% in bed before the end of carnival did not remove the cap. All these will increase in sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy risks.

15, eat vitamins

University of California, a researcher recommends: taking a daily multi-vitamin tablets, together with vitamin D, calcium supplements.

16, tobacco is best to stop

For maintaining health is concerned, smoking is indeed useful. The long term, quitting smoking can reduce the absolute risk of death. In the 50-year-old quit smoking, can reduce by half the deaths caused by smoking-related diseases. In the 30-year-old quit smoking, almost the total elimination of this risk. Smoking, can make your sense of taste and smell becomes more sensitive and not easy to cold, it makes the risk of lung cancer reduced by half. So, you do not excuse bar.

17, Tu a good sunscreen

To buy sunscreen, SPF looking at the same time, it depends on which components. Containing zinc oxide sunscreen ingredients block UVA and UVB can also harm.

18, control body weight

All the weight loss methods can only be summed up in one sentence: the number of calories intake, you have to consume more calories. Imagine your body into a car, you have added to the oil, should it run out. The car does not require an excessive amount of fuel, your body is

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