Friday, January 29, 2010

The perfect body a woman seven standards

1、Chest America

Medical Aesthetics view that women's curves is the world's most beautiful things. The curve of the body's most important is that measurements, measurements in the 1st Circuit is "Bust." The United States increasingly harsh in people today, the chest is beautiful or not seem so important. * Breast fit criteria include: their own breasts and morphological patterns and the relationship between two parts. The former has the flexibility of the breast, enrich full status, color, luster, partial formation of the skin, nipple status, etc.; the latter mainly refers to the breast position, size and shape relations conforms to the laws of a certain aesthetic. * Common breast defects: small breast disease, breast hypertrophy, Boobs disease, breast ptosis, breast ptosis indexing, asymmetrical breasts, gynecomastia, cone-shaped breast milk, nipple inversion and so on. Women's waist from the front, significantly narrower than the hip to form a large chest large waist small hip. The lumbar and buttocks from the side to see another sharp curve. In accordance with the aesthetic point of view of women's waist measurements should be women, one of the most fine-Wai, and its thickness directly affects the women's curves, shape the United States.

2, waist-US

The United States is mainly reflected in the waist: up and down the curve was smooth, as well as on the shoulder and chest, then the next extension of fullness uplift the beautiful curve of the buttocks. The curve of the single leaf, as in mathematics hyperbolic. Physical reason why the United States, because the Department of concave points on the waist and lower waist to hip expansion of the soft again, it is this change that people with the beauty of the curve. The "bucket waist," it appears that rigid. * Waist defect: The most typical is the excessive accumulation of fat waist, so that the entire body without the beauty of the curve. In addition, the waist is also severely affected by beautiful asymmetry.

3, abdominal America

Are age, obesity seems to be both beautiful and have a Xuehaishenchou words, obese people in order to get a beautiful favor, lose weight at all costs. Where are most vulnerable to obesity, fat? Abdomen. Potbellied, middle-aged men can also use "rich state" modesty, women? Or a flat stomach in order to retain the beautiful. * Accepted standard by the majority of men and women: from the front, the navel should be two symmetrical on both sides of depression, depression with the navel to the abdomen divided into two parts together. Breast Department, Office of bust and waist-hip should be roughly equal, so that the waist soft deadline. To the side, abdomen, should be part of the breasts and buttocks before the sudden sudden part of the latter symmetry, the formation of "S" shape. * Affect the appearance of the abdominal type: accumulation of fat deposits in the next around the abdomen and navel-shaped formation of the abdominal wall hanging; abdominal compared with expansion of the thickness of subcutaneous tissue varies Habit Formation spherical abdominal; the absence of subcutaneous fat, while in the navel around too much skin and wrinkles, so that abdominal skin relaxation.

4, back the United States

Muscle is mainly undulating curves and the United States, but also a positive side and the outline of different angles, when the United States. Women's standard of beauty back generally refers to the back width is moderate, with the proper ratio of hip, muscle fullness, waist ups and downs, bent obvious more obvious groove spine, shoulder bones are not prominent under. Back form America: Western women back to fully naked, exposing more than half of the back and even the entire back, as a manifestation of the back charm. Asian women are also more exposed back more, but even in the case of dress, back the United States because of its large size is still an important part of female beauty. Back defects mainly refers to: a hunched back, is divided into juvenile sexual hump, occupational humpback, humpback and pathologic senile kyphosis; concave back, flat back, round back, kyphosis, scoliosis, and so on.

5, hip-US

Hip in the female human body which sexy because of its prominent features and occupies an important position. Many fashion design, dance movements, body-building performances, artistic creation, and so deliberately exaggerated hips, to emphasize women's curves and sexy charm. * America is mainly required hip: waist-hip were significantly higher than large. From the side to see the hip and lower back leg junction sharply angled curve. Look at the hip from the back into two well-rounded, protruding buttocks backwards without sagging, the skin smooth and elastic sense of tenacity, women with tight pants, a skirt, wear high heels, very effective in the United States right reflect the buttocks, while the hip-US dependent on the fitness training are also high. * Affect the physical beauty of hip types: fat deposition mainly in the Ministry of iliac crest, so that waist look thick; fat calmly focus on the greater trochanter in the vicinity, it is called the greater trochanter abnormal accumulation of fat; buttock cleft at both ends to have more fat accumulation , buttocks, back stretch.

6, leg-US

Legs in both the United States or in the case of dress exposed cases of the opposite sex with great temptation, while the overall beauty of female figure, contour, curve and so on are very important. * Standard legs the United States generally include: the overall length is more than half of height, bone integrity, rounded shape, no loose muscle and skin, weight appropriate, skin elasticity, knee rounded shape, bone thin. Thigh and calf straight stretch, legs longer, is more than three-quarters of the length of the thigh, legs close up when the gap is not more than 2 centimeters. Bare foot slim, sleek, non-fat accumulation and skin relaxation phenomena, a smaller girth. These standards not only make legs beauty itself a very high aesthetic value, but also the entire body of women appeared slender, slender, tall and straight, and the dynamics of women's demeanor has great influence on temperament. * Common leg defects include: knees to move closer, the feet separated more than 1.5 centimeters of the X-type legs, O-type legs, dwarfism.

7, standing US -

"Slim," the daughter of a total give people an infinite reverie. Gao Jie, such as Dutch, pride, such as plum. In a time when people do not speak, standing will reflect her inner spirit. * The correct stance is: along the center line (from the Center for an extension of the head through the neck, shoulder, hip, knee and foot) balanced sub-body weight in the feet, body weight and posture to achieve balance. Furthermore, it should rise to keep the chin with the ground level; chest, shoulders relaxed; belly adduction. America's standing one person can embody the spirit of positive health, but also to prevent fatigue and physical deformation. * Incorrect standing include: stiffness, chest, excessive uplift; hunched body muscle tension is not enough; back, concave, or lordosis, abdominal muster; Chuijian, kyphosis, back concave and Chuijian , scoliosis

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