Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CT examination done on several occasions increase the risk of cancer

Experts point out, CT "photos" more, and will increase the incidence of cancer. CT examination is actually a kind of X-ray examination, CT of radiation are ionizing radiation, excessive ionizing radiation on human carcinogenic risk. Ionizing radiation can destroy the structure of DNA in human cells, some were damaged DNA could be restored, but the destruction of so many severely damaged the DNA can not be repaired. In this way, genes can be changed, resulting in cancer cells, cancer.

The recent "Medical Tribune" provides a set of figures: the annual natural radiation is about an individual is 3mSv (mSv volts), while a second abdomen, spine, or whole body CT radiation is about 10mSv, is the natural environment three years, the total radiation; a second chest CT is equivalent to one person two years to accept the amount of radiation to the head, the heart of a small number of CT radiation doses, one also has 2mSv. Repeated CT examination, radiation dose and the corresponding cumulative hazard can be, the incidence of cancer may increase.

Studies have shown that among the crowd, the most sensitive to ionizing radiation is the children and young women; in human organs, the lungs are most vulnerable to damage; among young women, the most sensitive to ionizing radiation is the breast

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