Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 What is the most attractive women?

Cute and beautiful woman, but the real captivating, often charismatic woman. From the female point of view, the perfect women are about? Have the knowledge, live in their own beliefs, the beautiful and generous and good at household chores, dress decent, when the plain and simple, when the gorgeous gorgeous, smart, 11 This is the kind of women treat people the ideal woman. However, the ideal male perspective of women is what happened?

Since ancient times, men, the woman must be: virtuous wife, enthusiastic slut, kind mother, the holy angels, trusted friends, etc. 5 kinds of roles, sometimes she could listen to his words, his obedience, and can soothe his soul; sometimes want her to Sasa Jiao, let him play the role of protector.

The ideals pursued by men, women, there is no certain criteria, and sometimes to appease frustrated him, he will think you are the best woman in the world, and sometimes will be cursed: "The really long-winded, do not you nosy." So, pursued by men, women, charm, but also constantly changing. Therefore, the ability at any time and obviously constantly changing, that women are lies its charm. Please note:

1, the hearts of men the perfect woman, is a timely change in their own right place.

2, black Yanmou unfathomable, as if a man's heart is peep instantly but walked away without leaving a moment hesitate.

3, are feeling increasingly toward where she was, suddenly but as far away as the other party together after the separation, separation and later reunion is really the so-called ambiguous on.

4, like she had a girl like shy smile, but wants her slut-like enthusiasm.

5, and sometimes like a fire-like passion, and sometimes似水-like tenderness, and sometimes if the rain moisten the earth, and sometimes things like wind blowing.

These are the minds of men, eager to pursue women. Therefore, women's charm is really changing, not a word

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