Saturday, January 16, 2010

Women who eat too little easy to get six kinds of disease

Modern women are often in order to maintain a slender body shape, eating less and less, eat more of course will increaseFatAn annoyance, but eating too little can cause a lot of trouble.


On the body too thin people, fat and protein are in short supply, so frequent shedding hair, loss of luster. If the excessive dieting, hair, lack of adequate nutrition supplies, including a lack of iron intake, it will brown matt, leading to a large number of hair loss.


Body lean female hipFractureThe incidence of women than the standard body weight more than twice as high, it is too thin because the body estrogen levels in the human body under influence of calcium and bone, unable to maintain normal bone density, therefore prone to osteoporosis and fracture.


To starvation weight loss women often feel loss of appetite, flatulence, pain, it could be a sign of ptosis of the stomach. Gastroptosis obviously are common abdominal discomfort, fullness, heavy fall flu, in the postprandial symptoms get worse when standing or exertion. Accompanied by a serious Shihai gastroptosis liver, kidney, colon and other organs sag phenomenon.


Without adequate protection, the uterus is easy to fall from the normal position along the vagina, cervix sagging, and even vaginal prolapse in extraoral form a prolapsed uterus. Serious infections may also lead to cervical mouth, and even cervicitis.


Makes a balanced nutritional intake is not iron,Folate、Vitamin B1Insufficient intake of two substances such as blood; eat less, basal metabolic rate is lower than the common people, so gastro-intestinal movement slower, less gastric acid secretion and affect nutrient absorption. These are the main cause of anemia.

Memory loss

The main driving force comes from the brain of fat. Eat too little fat intake and lack of storage capacity, body nutritional deficiencies, so that serious damage to brain cells, a direct impact on memory, become more and more forgetful

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