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6 trick allows you to wake up have a good complexion

6 trick allows you to wake up have a good complexion(2009-04-03 09:13:18)
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A dinner, do not eat too fullThis will lead to sleep when the blood concentrated in the stomach, face, blood volume decreased, affecting color. To try to avoid or a small amount of intake of salt, it is best not to drink alcohol, so avoid the early morning hours around the face and eyes appeared swollen condition.

 2, at bedtime we must remember that removed the face-like capacityThis is conducive to night-time respiration and excretion of skin waste and sweat; if cleaning is not correct, is likely to cause eye irritation. Therefore, it should be eye clean with cotton balls dipped into the liquid on the eyelids and eyelashes 10-20 minutes, and then gently wipe clean cotton.

  3, at bedtime can be immersed in water before using a wet tea bag, And then pressed on the eyelids for 10 minutes, and then coated with cream, which is conducive to the maintenance of ocular skin, can prevent the production of crow's feet.

  4, in the nail root of coated vitamin E oil, gently massage, And then massage your hands with hand cream. Vitamin E has anti-aging effect, hand cream to moisturize the skin hands.

  5, general cleaning and care. At bedtime, you can wash a hot bath, which will help alleviate the tired body. After a bath with moisturizing cream or lotion gently massage the body. Then put on bake-off 10 minutes after warm bathrobe or sleep gown. Then the skin will completely absorb the temperature of the clothes, so that the skin more smooth and elastic.

  6, milk magical hypnotic effect. Therefore, people who are vulnerable to insomnia, bedtime may wish to drink a glass of fresh milk, which will relax your nerves, makes you sleep easy

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