Thursday, January 7, 2010

3 vegetables and eat homemade lipid-lowering

1. Eggplant:Modern research shows that the purple eggplant skin is rich in vitamin E and P, is the other vegetables can not be compared. In which vitamin P, have increased the flexibility of capillaries, improve microcirculation to the role of hypertension, atherosclerosis and scurvy who all have a certain preventive effect. The eggplant in the soap fiber grass saponins with cholesterol-lowering effect. Therefore, the eggplant for high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis is therapeutic in patients with high quality goods.

Recommended eat: steamed eggplant. Take eggplant 1, wash bowl cut home, directly put the cage on the steam for 20 minutes (can also be put in the microwave Steam over high heat for 10 minutes, but stamped). Steam-done, hand-torn strips, add thin salt, garlic, vinegar and sesame oil, cold food.

2. Celery:The University of Milan, Italy, researchers have used a kind of celery contains fat can promote accelerated decomposition, the disappearance of the material, so that subjects eating celery and promoting their body weight within 1 week to reduce 3.6 kilograms to 4.9 kilograms. The results show that regular consumption of celery, not only helps to reduce blood lipids, blood glucose, and both prevention and treatment of obesity, fatty liver and high blood pressure effect.

Recommended eat: celery salad. Wash celery uprooted, cut wire, put in boiling water for hot pot fish out what that is. Fresh ginger, vinegar, MSG, salt amount, transferred into the juice into the bowl and pour in the celery silk, the poured sesame oil, mix well can be. Can also be washed celery root juice, add honey every morning oral, lipid-lowering blood pressure and better.

3. Mushroom: Modern studies have shown that mushrooms contained in the purine, choline, tyrosine, oxidative enzymes and nucleic acid, with lower cholesterol and anti-cancer role, can be described as lipid-lowering on the tableCuisine。

Recommended eat:Mushroom broth. 10 fresh mushrooms, add water, a small heat and simmer for 15 minutes without salt, or add a dash of salt and seasoning food. Regular moderate drinking this morning, empty stomach soup, will help to lose weight and eliminate excess fat. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, colds are available early this soup diet.

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