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With regard to a healthy diet 18 classic lie

For their health, you adhere to the motto on all kinds of food. But you know what? No doubt that you have been eating motto, in fact, is full of a lot of one-sidedness of lies! Now is also the truth you have a clear time.

A reference to sugar, salt and fat, people spontaneously said: "Responding to the taboos, because they are harmful to human health." In fact, really the case? In fact, Everything has a degree, as long as the master of this degree, you will not be because of them suffer.

1, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables and more healthy than the

If it refers to vegetable plots just picked fresh vegetables, this argument without any problem. But in fact most of the vegetables we eat is not so new after all, but are usually stored for a few days old, and the vitamins are stored in the process of gradually are lost. In contrast, ultra-low temperature can be quickly frozen vegetables retain more vitamins, because after that quick-frozen vegetables and picking, you can very well prevent the loss of vitamins.

2, drink mineral water can rest assured

Many people say that mineral water is rich in minerals, is more beneficial to the human body.

But the mineral water would also be the land of hazardous substances (such as mercury and cadmium) contamination. Recently, Dutch scientists in 16 countries produced 68 different brands of bottled mineral water were analyzed and found mineral water more vulnerable to dangerous micro-organisms and bacteria contamination, which contains pathogenic micro-organisms to be much more than expected . Although these bacteria may not be healthy person's body would pose any significant threats, but for those people with weak immunity, the bacteria in bottled mineral water may cause considerable danger.

3, a cup of coffee harmful to human health

Coffee easily lead to loss of body calcium, but as long as the coffee by adding milk, you can make up for this shortfall of. In fact, coffee is beneficial to humans, it can promote brain cell excited with a refreshing effect. The morning after getting up if they feel not woke up and stuffy head, then drank a cup of coffee, the mind will immediately wake up. As long as all but a cup of coffee, not on the implicit, and add milk drink is not harmful to human health hazard.

4, brown bread is whole wheat bread

Note that a healthy diet of people, but are often confused by the color of food: brown bread was seen as health and nutrition, higher-value foods. Little do they know it was only a baker baking bread to add food coloring, making brown bread more attractive to buy tones. Therefore, it does not mean whole wheat bread, brown bread, buy whole wheat bread is best to see the logo.

5, butter bread healthier than French fries

Once upon a time, people are aware of fast-food french fries in the heat, switch to more healthy choices appear toast. But to make bread taste better, a lot of people will be cast when eating butter. In fact, cast a piece of bread and butter and French fries than the small difference between the fat content, they contain starch, protein and minerals are also almost identical. And relatively speaking, french fries contain more vitamin C, and therefore is not no better than French fries, bread and butter, more healthy.

6, Assorted breakfast cereal is more resistant than the slice of bread hungry

Assorted cereals containing fruit, Ding, Hu peach kernel, raisins and other food, and add the milk, it seems as though more abundant, but in fact it coated jam slice of bread compared to the calories the same. But the consumption of assorted cereal, their blood sugar levels are generally lower, but the higher the sugar content of cereals is not easy people feel more hungry. So, in fact jam slice of bread to eat even more resistant to hunger.

7, glucose can make a person to maintain an excellent state of

Although the fasting glucose to provide a "lightning will" can give people a short time clear-headed and full of energy, but this energy will be consumed quickly, people will feel even more hungry than before.

8, no pesticides do not wash the fruit

Even if the green fruit and water before eating should carefully cleaned. Fruit peel (such as strawberries, apples) and eggs are invisible. If the fruit is not washed eat, it more vulnerable to bacterial infection.

9, sweeteners contribute to weight loss

Many people know that eating pond easier to gain weight, so to use sweeteners instead of sugar can help us lose weight by. But research shows that all sweeteners (particularly of Tong Jing) will accelerate the secretion of insulin, the result is to make you more dependent on sugar.

10, salad on human health is extremely useful to

Probably because the salad with low calorie content, so for many people favor. Salad contained in the water up to 80%, but in fact the human body from the salad in the intake of nutrients is very low, not only that, the majority of women do not Yichi a lot of salad. Because usually women's physique are Pianleng, eat too much salad likely to cause poor metabolism, blood circulation is not good, menstrual flow, and the skin is not shiny, and some have even wrinkles. In addition, many vegetables, nitrate concentrations are also high, which mainly come from the cultivation of vegetables, fertilizer, its potential dangers can not be belittled.

11 at night to eat will ruin a good figure

If this view is correct, then 99% of the people on Earth will be fat. In fact, only when you eat too much fullness at night only when the fat. If you do not intake too many calories at night, they will not have overweight problem. However, to note that eating too late, or the habit of eating supper, will really add to the burden of the stomach can easily lead to sleep disorders.

12, butter margarine calories higher than

The caloric content of butter and margarine are the same. In fact, some margarine products, not only better than regular butter calorie content is low, and its non-saturated fatty acid content of a higher and more easily lead to elevated cholesterol levels!

13, dark over light-colored, light-colored eggs, eggs of high nutritional value

Health and the dark is often synonymous with high nutritional value, but the color of egg shell species with only the hen. The level of nutritional value of eggs depends entirely on the hen's health status and quality of feed fed each day.

14, tropical fruit enzymes help to thin

If so, how it Well, we just eat pineapple and papaya body weight will be able to drop down. But in fact, tropical fruits contain enzymes, with functions to support protein digestion, so that the body absorb food better, but the body fat they will not be burning out. Therefore, the weight-loss can not rely on enzymes to achieve.

15, low in calories and honey help to lose weight?

If you have hopes of honey to lose weight, then your hopes are often will fall through. In fact, 100 grams of honey contains 303 calories, 100 grams of church contains 399 calories, the former heat just below the latter. However, in potassium, zinc and copper concentrations in the nutritional value of honey, sugar higher than that.

16, eating potatoes easy to get fat

Many people regard the potato as a food easy to gain weight, it is not. Potatoes contain starch, but their moisture content as high as 70% or more, the real, but 20% starch content, which also contains a sense of fullness can produce dietary fiber, so only use it to replace the staple food is not easy to gain weight, as well as the effect of weight loss it! Potato has been something people it is easy to gain weight as the food is entirely inappropriate because the traditional cooking methods to somebody made potato French fries, potato chips. Hold onto a medium-sized oil contains only a few thousand calories baked potato, French fries are indeed able to post the caloric content of up to 200 kcal or more. It is fat is not the potato itself, but it absorbs the grease, potatoes, roast beef did the people know that potatoes, oil-absorption power is very strong.

17, brown sugar, white sugar more useful than the

Brown sugar, and sugar is extracted from sugar cane or sugar beets, and brown sugar making process a little simpler than the white sugar, which contains glucose and cellulose is greater, and release energy faster, have higher absorption and utilization. However, the brown sugar contained in the sugar, calories and sugar is almost the same. Moreover, the brown sugar taste less sweet than sugar, people drinking tea and coffee will be more natural to put some time, so they are actually brown sugar sometimes more dangerous than sugar.

18, raw vegetables, a healthy

Indeed a lot of raw vegetables is more healthy, because that can best preservation of nutrition. However, not suitable for all raw vegetables, such as: potatoes.

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