Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let husband and wife marital happiness of the six law

1, often recalled in love: in love is leading to marriage, couples in men and women, those two love Yiyi, a moment hard to leave the scene, is really very wonderful. After marriage, often recalled the love in marriage scenario, you can evoke feelings of sympathy husband and wife, and an increase in the memories of the romantic emotion, more yearning for the future, thus enhancing feelings of husband and wife.

2 to arrange another "honeymoon": marriage, honeymoon, and his wife were the feelings of the most concentrated period of time. At that time, the two put aside all the troubles, gain full access to surpass the love honey world, enjoy the "Garden of Eden" in music. After marriage, if the use of holidays each year arrange a time ranging from a "honeymoon", if they visit a remote tourism, recycling both love small world and reviewing the old dream of love will be able to continue to set off waves, so that marital relations had become increasingly concentrated .

3 to celebrate the commemoration of festivals: wedding anniversary, the other party birthdays, anniversaries, etc. tokens of love, is love in the history of both spouses important day. By then, take the appropriate form, to be commemorative, so that both sides felt each other's cherished a deep love of their own, which for the consolidation of the couple Ganqingzuoyong great.

4, compensation for past debt situation: a lot of couples to marry because of the conditions has not been able to take the form of the ideal return each other's love, if not a honeymoon, not to the wife to buy a decent gift and so on. Several years later, when the conditions are ripe, when, remember to complete these did not entirely, in order to repay past debts owed the situation, it will make the other feel that you are a heavy situation,, passionate people who love you, love will multiply , as a lot of gay marriage to the wife to buy gold jewelry, many of his thirties married couples Bupai color photos and so on.

5, learn to please lovers: some men and women, marriage and other appointments, always trying to please each other, but after the wedding will no longer care about the other side of their own feelings. That this will damage the couple's feelings. Therefore, marriage and lesbians but also, as always, gentle Xianshu, care of concern to her husband; while male homosexuals should be carefully appreciate his wife's inner feelings, not only to care for his wife everything and considerate, but also to please his wife learn some skills, such as as she was buying aClothingThe high participation, to help her to develop beauty plan, from time to time to point of humor and so on.

6, the highest point of pleasant surprises: an unexpected surprise to the other side, and often will play the feelings of "stimulant" effect. Therefore, to create a little surprise in enhancing the feelings of both husband and wife is very good. If without the knowledge of each other, he (she) in the distant relatives over to meet each other want to be buying the same items, for the creation of a couple not ready but very fond of each other's activities, etc., can be so pleasant surprises Oil However, health, resulting in a strong burst surprises in the feelings of flowers, set off jubilant love heat

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