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This five kinds of food will never be degenerate

Note: This five kinds of food will never be degenerate(2009-05-10 07:41:59)
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Food spoilage is common in life, but also brought us a lot of trouble, if any kind of food will never degenerate, eating on the more at ease. Research and Practice has proved that honey, white wine, vinegar, sugar and salt foods is not degenerate.

蜂蜜. Fresh mature honey, for transparent or translucent gel viscous liquid, sugar, honey, accounting for the total 3 / 4 above, less moisture content, bacteria and yeast can not survive in honey. In addition, honey also contains 0.1% -0.4% of the inhibitory hormone. Therefore, mature honey is not easy to place a long time deterioration. However, if the honey is not a mature or over the water-doped inferior product, place some time after the bubble would ferment and turn sour and can not eat.

Liquor. Alcohol content of more than 10% of the liquor, which is commonly known as 10 degrees all the wine itself has a disinfecting effect. In sealed conditions, the microbes are not easily penetrated, and difficult to reproduce is never degenerate. But this does not mean that the longer the storage of wine is good, normal flavor of the liquor to 5 years after the taste fades, smell the decline; Maotai-aged wine is good wine, and liquor store for many years whether it is a good aroma Wine is still an open question.

Vinegar. Vinegar has antibacterial, bactericidal effect can be used for food preservation antiseptic, such as acid stains. Relatively long shelf life of vinegar, but also by the process, raw materials impact. Vinegar brewing process better, with a good sealed jar placed on the floor, the year the longer the more mellow flavor.

Class of solid sugar. Solid sugar category includes commonly used white sugar, soft white sugar, rock sugar, crystal rock candy and so on. Solid sugar within the structure of water due to a small class, a powerful osmotic pressure is not conducive to microbial growth, it is difficult to be polluted. Sugar is also often used to preserve foods such as preserved fruits, preserved fruit and so on. But the sugar easy to absorb moisture, if placed properly, the nature of change, will be subjected to microbiological contamination.

Salt. Main component of salt is sodium chloride, the chemical nature of the extremely stable. Like with the sugar, salt is often used to preserve food, is a natural preservative. But we eat iodized salt, if not dark, and avoid high temperatures, time is too long to put iodine content would be reduced, but the quality of salt does not change.

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