Sunday, December 6, 2009

Women constipation brought about two major harm

In the past, people do not bring children with constipation seriously, but today, even if it is occasionally not "shun" will make people irritated, prone to see a doctor, intestinal hydrotherapy, because constipation will affect the "face" of the ... ...

  If you simply extend the interval between defecation, stool discharge fairly smooth, it does not belong to constipation. If in addition to a long interval between stools, but also accompanied by dry stools or bowel difficulties, or bowel movements are not the sense of falling feeling, it really is suffering from constipation of the illness.

  The harmful effects of 1 - impact of Beauty

Although constipation is not a serious illness, but it can not be ignored the dangers. First, women with constipation, affecting beauty. Constipation will increase women's toxins from the body, causing the body metabolic disorders, endocrine disorders and trace elements are not balanced, and thus skin pigmentation, itching, minimalist looking, hair dry spells, and produce chloasma, acne, and acne and so on.

  The harmful effects of 2 - lead to the reproductive system disease

◆ constipation can also cause mild toxemia symptoms such as anorexia, apathetic, dizziness, weakness, would result in a long time of anemia and malnutrition.

◆ frequent defecation force, but also promote the formation of hemorrhoids.

◆ For the women, constipation can develop abnormal breast tissue cells, increasing the likelihood of breast cancer induced by daily bowel movement probability of female breast cancer is 5%, two times a week defecation following the probability of female breast cancer of 25%.

◆ In addition, a new study results indicate that foreign countries: women of childbearing age constipation, will lose the opportunity to have children, because there is a special stool compounds, would hinder ovulation and lead to infertility. Pregnant women, constipation can also result in miscarriage or fetal malformation.

Disease were more women than men. Women less because of the activities, eating fine, together with its own physical characteristics and other factors, relative to men is more susceptible to constipation. Information shows that: there are about 1 / 4 of adults have occurred within three months of constipation, including women, the incidence of constipation men twice as high. Moreover, women have an upward trend in the incidence of constipation.

Women are more prone to constipation causes

1. Physiological and anatomical differences - women's uterus in the pelvic squeeze the rectum, so that the bending of the rectum increased stool through the slower than men and thus prone to constipation.

2. The impact of the fetus during pregnancy - women in the fetus during pregnancy due to increased oppression of the rectum, so that the venous return occurred anorectal disorder, pregnancy pelvic floor muscle relaxation, but also easy to cause constipation and hemorrhoids.

3. The characteristics of female genital mutilation - in front of women, the anus is a vagina, near the muscle is weak, coupled with the reasons for the special nature of women's physiology are also prone to cause constipation.

  Should use the correct approach to combating

After suffering from constipation, do not just take those "detoxification", "net intestinal" drugs, although they can play that suit that the row effect, but these drugs can cause dependence, once the stop taking, constipation on the has begun. Do not long-term oral laxatives, because long-term use of such drugs can lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction, there was a series of gastrointestinal tract disease. In addition, long-term diarrhea may cause the formation of the anal canal stenosis and rely on laxatives stubborn constipation, which is bound to lead to intractable constipation, hemorrhoids and anal fissure.

In order to prevent the occurrence of constipation, women's lives in peacetime should be the law of defecation have the time to ensure that regular exercise, pay attention to rational consumption, reduce fat intake, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and other foods contain more crude fiber and health care Jingu fiber foods such as Wang.

Every night before going to sleep, preferably Roufu 10 15 minutes, in order to stimulate intestinal motility. Every morning drink a cup of warm water or light brine and effectively promote intestinal peristalsis and help defecation. Frequent constipation, women can be properly served under the guidance of a doctor more Runchang drugs

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