Thursday, December 24, 2009

Zaoshuizaoqi skin gradually turns white and tender

Up and shower the morning of the day, followed by water when the skin most easily. Many MM up for the morning worrying about running around in circles. We should know that one day count is the morning, the day replenishment of the account is in the morning Oh! Cultivate a good habit early morning skin care, which you do it?

Zaoshuizaoqi, Bieji Zhao painted repair products, do not over-oil absorption, it can change the fate of dry.

After penetration of skin care products we have to wait until another product if the coating is not fully penetrate skin care, and painted as usual, the product of the ingredients mixed together, moisturizing effect will disappear, will also cause the makeup easily.

Do not face the day with five excessive use of oil-paper surface oil-paper skin will lose the appropriate grease, but will make the skin more dry and only need to gently press is sufficient.

Remember before lunch makeup makeup the best time is before lunch, in the case of going out without makeup, make Tuozhuang part has been subjected to UV rays, followed by an important qualification has been too late.

Choose multi-functional skin care products recommended Laichuang who can multi-product, can save some time, but also the best reply to the skin condition, dry the problem will be fading away.

Is gradually waking up the morning of the skin should be Cleanser gentle face wash, so to moisturize dry skin. Woke up after winter, the skin will become dry and dry, so the morning skin care should focus on moisture and lock the water effects, the choice of ingredients including collagen and hyaluronic acid moisturizing products.

Morning, eyes will become swollen, it is recommended to enable the appliance efficiency swollen eye products to help speed up the blood circulation and tighten the bags under the eyes.

Rubbing out the front of the moisturizing mask to increase the water at the same time also led more paste makeup services.

All year round sun protection needs, in winter the sun painted 15-20 degrees, have been able to cope with daily necessities, often in outdoor workers, may be coated with 30 degrees of the sun.

Oily skin are available at the makeup before the T-zone spaces painted oil control products, which can make makeup keep longer

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