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Lazy woman's weight thin three major magic bullet

20岁 BeautyTransamerica surgery

Physical characteristics: body function at its peak, heart rate, vital capacity, bone sensitivity, stability and flexibility in such areas to achieve the best point. 20-year-olds for the future health of the reserve "resources." Therefore, we must note that exercising in order to maintain weight, do not wait until after the age of 30 Zaiqu lose weight, then very hard for.

Fitness Methods: The training is mainly the chest, waist and back, thighs and buttocks exercise.

According to physical conditions and economic conditions, you can take part in more economical movements such as dancing, jogging,SwimmingAnd so on. Interest in dance both for women, increased physical coordination, on the solid line is also of great help physically, you can consider this weight-loss method of lot.

  ExpertDiet tips Note: In the diet, it can no longer dieting, this time,NutritionAdverse effects on the health damage too. At this stage should not be taking anySlimmingObjects as well as acceptance of any weight-loss treatment to nature as the best.

Interposed: no need to spend millions to high-level gym, cheap exercise still allows you to curve Delicate Oh, we recommend that you look at

Poor, 9 kinds of weight-loss method for weight loss, and some friends righteous, no money, is not so good condition of fitness, in fact, wrong Oh, we list these nine kinds of special ways to lose weight the poor, but as long as we make good calculations, but also Oh, we can obtain low-cost weight loss.

21 -25 year-old beauty Fit surgery

Physical characteristics: body gradually plump up, but as before iodoo pastimes, little carelessness will become a very strong shape was very strong. And the muscle strength and plasticity of from 20-year-old began to decline, more training should be strengthened, or will build stereotypes into their own unwillingness to face look.

Fitness Methods: We should take part in more physical fitness training. Because it is the body shaping stage, you can try a low gravity, more than the number of muscle exercise. At the same time, muscle exercise is conducive to weight-loss, because the body at rest, the muscle will come through the consumption of metabolic energy, a body of people with more lean muscle, the body contains more than oneFatPeople, the body will consume more in a quiet energy.

Expert Tip: In order to prevent weight gain, in the diet to achieve

1, Eat small meals often. Eat small meals often were significantly heavier than three meals a day are thin fast. 2, for breakfast. Do not eat breakfast, lunch or dinner may be more things to eat is not conducive to weight loss. 3, dinner eat. The evening activities are generally low due to the need to consume fewer calories. 4, drink plenty of water. Should be drinking 6-8 cups a day. Water can help stimulate and inhibit the metabolism of body fatAppetite. 5, eat more slowly. As we choose to spend time chewing things to eat, slow down the speed of eating may beBrainAnd have time to form a satiety signal, to eliminate hunger.

Intimate suggestions: who are able to more wear thin dress. Wear tight-fitting clothes will strengthen the sense of weight loss will subconsciously to maintain a beautiful gesture.

  26 -30 year-old beauty Fit surgery

Physical characteristics: the metabolic rate began to decline, if the same maintenance and previous eating habits, exercise, you will find yourself slowly in fat or body weight did not change, waist circumference, hip circumference is thicker in. Exercise, you will find that can easily be done before the squat, jump, and now appeared to be inadequate. This stage, you have to try to protect their own body shape, and the fight against gravity!

Fitness Methods: ease of movement can be sustained. This stage, work, life busy, so they should sneak in to exercise.

Expert Tip: this stage canDoctorsUnder the guidance of selecting the appropriate weight-loss drugs to achieve weight-loss purposes. Can choose a good qualitySushenClothes, by all parts of the body, such as the armpit of the Furu, stomach, abdomen, waist, back and other parts of the excess fat transfer, Shoulong to the correct fit, and make the body bump delivered, so as to achieve weight-loss Body effect.

This age-Star Model: beauty guru Annie in the transform into an entertainment program, "milking Master", but also at the scene of the incident Edmond Ho's "dumpling," she use his Du Men's "dial milk" stunt, so that flat girl on the spot to upgrade 2 cup. (End) has Jolin Tsai in theShanghaiPersonal concert dressed in "hip-hop blasting milk loaded" Stunning audience once again lead to breast topic. Ms. exists in every heart, a "breast complex", a large number become flat owners of the "Princess Changping" are dreaming of one day can have fullness in the chest.

 * Method 1: to drinkDiet法

  FoodAble to provide sufficient quantities of calcium in the chest with the appropriate training, for breast Hong Leong will be more effective. Should be more drinkingMilk. PromoteAdolescenceBreast development, you can eat richVitaminsE, as well as favorable hormone food such as cabbage, cauliflower, sunflower oil, corn oil and rapeseed oil and so on. Vitamin B family also contribute to hormone synthesis, which exists in the coarse grains,Beans, Milk, beef and other food. Because endocrine hormones in breast development and maintenance of the process plays an important role in increasing female hormones make breast duct, progesterone continued to breast duct branching to form a breast duct.

For the fullness of women do not breast development, but also eat a number of high-calorie foods such as eggs, lean meat, peanuts, walnuts, sesame, beans, vegetable oil category, so that the body becomes thin fullness, while the breast is also Because fat savings and become plump and elastic.

  ·Method 2: Breast Products - Feng Rushuang, Breast cream, breast enhancement drugs

Currently, the market there are many so-called fitness Feng Rushuang, Breast cream, Maggie Cheung, Josie Ho, Paulyn, Sandra Ng Chung Hong Kong and Taiwan such as a female star who has become the drug or a variety of breast breast cream spokesman. How effective is not known, the resulting reaction products varies, but also with the user's physiological state conditions andGeneticBackground. Determined by the relevant departments, most of them contain estrogen, especially diethylstilbestrol, it would be coated in the breast, is indeed possible to have larger breasts, but the effect did not last long after stopping breast restored to their original, in particular, it can also cause pigmentation , black spot,Menstruation等Adverse. Any normal menstrual girls do not lack of estrogen in the body, if in order to Breast artificially large-scale use of estrogen, which can inhibit the body's own estrogen secretion, the results of self-defeating, but inhibited the development of the breast.

As for the women taking breast drug abuse should be careful not to a large number of estrogen, suffering from hyperthyroidism or other thyroidDisease, There are receptors, such as female ovaries, uterus, breastCancer、Hyperplasia, Lactation, or other cancer patients and during pregnancy,LactationWomen's prohibited. Special health care issue of women requested the doctor's advice.

  ·Method 3: Sports breast

This is the way most people choose the breast, female choice exercise the upper body of the sport. Although the breast tissue is not muscle, can not exercise to make it larger, but the exercise can strengthen the chest below the breast, chest well-developed breasts can, it seems the breast fullness will be some, so sooner or later to do chest, deep breathing exercise is beneficial uniform well-developed pectoral muscles. Especially the swimming, there are pairs of young women is an ideal fitness Breast activities, not only water on the breast "massage" effect, but also conducive to swimming, abdominal, psoas exercise, it can achieve the elimination of excess body fat, maintain a slim elegant profile effect. Usual attention to the conscious exercise chest muscle development, such as trainingAerobics、Running, Doing push-ups, do chest exercise, playingVolleyball, Lifting weights, doing the right amount of sports such as Breast exercises can promote well-developed chest muscles become fit.

* Method 4:UnderwearFigure out a good tune

   The United States created a "magicBra"It is said to wear this bra jogger jogging, let the chest within 30 days increased the level of a cup. Principle is that the wearer in the jogging exercise the muscles in the abdomen and armpit, thereby increasing the chest.

Indeed make a good bra breastsBloodCirculation unobstructed to prevent breast block blood flow is conducive to breast growth and enhancement of resistance capabilities. It should be noted that the bra models compatible with the breast size can not be too tight, particularly girls, puberty, with breast development, must be promptly replaced fit model, followed by the production of bra material, do not be too hard, it is necessary soft, there are load bearing capacity and a certain permeability to thin cotton and, indeed, cool is better, other chemical fiber such as nylon moisture absorption and air permeability are poor, some people still lead toSkin allergies, It is best not. Bra straps should not be too thin is too narrow, there should be two fingers width, can not be used to replace string in order to avoid skin damage. The third day, there should be some adjustment time to go to bed at night should be to remove the bra, so that the breast and chest, back muscles relaxed and conducive to local blood circulation.

* Method 5:Acupuncture

  TCMFoot Jue Yin said that the nipple is the liver, breast is Foot-Yangming stomach, so on the 12 acupuncture meridians in order to the liver and the stomach through the greatest impact on the development of the breast.

Recommended breast before carrying out acupuncture, consult with a qualified Chinese medicine practitioners diagnose that, if the spleen and stomach function properly, first nursed back to your stomach, or at home boiling of the breast can be to regulate and fortify the spleen and stomachDietDrink, and then a "stomach", "the liver" and "Chong, Ren, with a pulse", in other words, we must achieve "adequate Wei Qi, qi of Da Chong, Ren, with pulse Chongsheng smooth" conditions, the three co-ordination, breast enhancement purposes can be successfully reached.

* Method 6:OilBreast + Self-massage

Body massage is an effective way to promote breast. Recommended daily with warm water after a bath, first of all be fine essential oils: Rose 4 drops of fennel 2 drops + + +20 ml Geranium 3 drops of sweet almond or rose 5 drops of ylang ylang 2 drops + + +20 ml Bergamot 3 drops of sweet almond, and then massage breast 10-15 minutes in order to facilitate these meridians of the normal blood circulation and lymph circulation, strengthening the chest metabolism and blood circulation, stimulate the growth of breast tissue to absorb the nutrients of breast, and ultimately achieving the purpose of breast. Strength should not be too rude, otherwise it is Destructive Enthusiasm, but easy to get the opposite effect. As follows:

A law: one, to fingers of both hands, Quan Zhu surrounding tissue throughout the breast, each stay three seconds. 2, hands open, respectively, by cleavage at the parallel push down until the breast periphery. 3, in the 8-shaped massage breasts to do something. 4, each action to repeat 20 times.

Efficacy: to stimulate breast tissue, so that the breast grow up.

B law: one, the body stretches, the raised right hand, straight up, right foot is extended downward. 2, continuous five seconds later, for extending his left hand left foot, the body straight as far as possible. 3, left and right turns around the stretched five times, each action to repeat 8-10 times.

Effects: chest armpit to the lungs to fully straighten the muscles and stimulate the breasts, pulled the chest curve.

C method: 1, every night before going to sleep with hot towel 3-5 minutes on both sides of the breast. 2, use the palm massage the breast around from left to right, massage 20-50 times. 3, just a daily massage by the above method 1, adhere to massage 2-3 months.

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