Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What are things that girls who attract men?

Many boys like to talk about girls, who likes to talk about their ideal girl type, while the girls, such as the spring flowers in full bloom, 100 Mei Zi, 10000 flowers are blooming, and Qun-fang fight jealousy, but also for boys dizzying. Of course, different types of girls chasing boys naturally have different likes. However, whether the girls can understand, the modern girl who likes boys usually What things?

 A relatively simple beautiful girl.

Boys in general are very trust their own eyes, if eyes appear able to attract a beautiful girl his eye will certainly be deeply attracted to a beautiful girl and the boys, if left to give the first impression of pleasant and relaxed and happy, it will hazy and attached to inspire the love of boys, and perhaps this will inspire the boy's extraordinary Dan Qi and become the eyes of a boy is always a princess.

 Second, conversation wise wisdom of girls.

If the girl is wise performance, allow the boy to change the most girls are cold "Ice Beauty" view, enabling the wisdom of the conversation to attract someone else's vision, then, a conversation wisdom, and wisdom, girl, the smart clever conversation, neither overbearing nor servile wisdom, it is easy for a man to produce a good impression and was completely sincere admiration.

 Third, a bright personality sunshine girl.

Boys like girls, easy-going personality and outgoing personality, be able to have a common language and similar hobbies, friends can have fairly good grasp of the standards and social restrained scale, be able to personalize their own side of the sun to bring and infection around the friends of colleagues. This girl is will become the focus of attention will give the boys around them are willing to become a bee around you round and round.

 Fourth, knowledge of the rich connotation of girls.

And old age as "a woman's only virtue to be ignorant" standard to measure the women's different from most of modern society demands girls have relatively rich in content and relatively open modern knowledge, and similarly, the boy rarely willing to marry a chest large non-brain girl to go home, after all, most of the boys favorite is still the rich connotations of the ability to meet society girl.

  5, intellectual enlightenment sophisticated girl.

There is tolerance and enlightenment ways of the world of girls has been generally welcomed girls. Boys like your favorite girls concerned about them, during the break to stay with their own Yueshuixiaoxiao girls, with numerous people able to foot their own following facial girls, friends can have scale to safeguard the image of the girl her boyfriend, in the They can be a little world "as" point girl.

  6, love life, health of girls.

Girls who love life, health, the goal of all boys, but also to all prospective mothers were particularly liked the type of Italy. Because they love life family-oriented, positive and optimistic attitude to life, personal behavior Huodataiduo, health benefit to future generations. Thus, boys especially like those with physical and personality are very healthy girl.

 7, honor elders, filial girl.

Today's children are mostly self-centered, if we can think of someone else, or everything can often empathy girl is definitely the type of popular boys prefer, especially with the traditional virtues of Chinese women and girls can be filial respect their elders, but also a boy dream objects.

  8, capacity decent temperament girl.

In his career to a certain degree of working ability, competent their work, as long as not a "workaholic", and properly handle the relationship between work and life that can properly handle the relationship between families and units, indicating that she has a different coordination capabilities, such as girls, some boys are also keen to pursue the object.

 9, love home Gu ordinary girl.

Feng Wan girl is prohibitive for the vast majority of boys, especially those played with a girl even at home without looking back, or weak family values, a girl, but also to avoid the vast majority of boys, and much of the object. Even at home it does not matter a girl, you do not even think about counting on her to be able to love this family, love their family members, and even well-managed and all the family.

10, thrift holding filial family good girl.

Girls do not necessarily have to be very pretty, but it must be good-hearted, there must be the heart of humanity. Well-born or the wealthy homes of course, the boy's good fortune, but if an evil woman will bring a lifetime of pain to the boy. Therefore, the ability of the kind-hearted girl Qinjianchijia bring happiness to the family feeling.

Of course, the boys who like things a lot of girls, while girls to attract boys, there are many things, the key lies in both men and women should have a positive attitude towards life, there must be good for the heart of humanity, there must be a physical or mental health. As long as the heart is good, everything else will become more and more beautiful.

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