Saturday, December 12, 2009

This married men and women will not change the old!

Psychologists study found that the wife's appearance with her husband's character and his attitude is closely related to his wife. Broad-minded and not easily lost his temper of the husband, to be inclusive to accommodate his wife, such husband and wife would skin smooth and delicate, not easy to long pimples and pigmentation, not easy to aging.

Introverted, man of few words also narrow-minded husband, their wives would be most unhappy, rough skin, also is likely to long pimples.

Rude, grumpy and will not considerate people, and jealous whenever they blame the wife's husband, their wives who tend to chloasma skin, easy to aging, hair white.

Like whoring, and often an excuse not to go home, but sometimes it would amuse his wife happy at home, at business dinners and performed a very loving husband and wife, their wives easy to skin and muscle relaxation, eye prone to wrinkles, but the body is not very good , people can easily weight loss of aging.

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