Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What kind of woman a man's favorite flavor?

So a woman must be feminine. Feminine is a woman's fundamental attributes, feminine is a woman's charm lies. Women had no feminine, like loss of scented flowers, the moon lost Seiki. Woman flavored, one-third may be increased to seven parts beautiful; woman tasteless, is reduced to one-third of seventh are beautiful. Femininity for a woman yearning to make a man intoxicated. Men, without exception, a woman will love flavored; woman to conquer a man, not woman's beauty, but because of her femininity.

1. Certainly not in the library, canteen, casual way to look at handsome men, but not casually with what a handsome guy accosted and asked people what the phone number.

2. Each day she would get up very early for him to the cafeteria before classes Mai Fan. Sunday, more importantly, to feel him Haohaodishui not too early to look for him an appointment.

3. Every week, she will be to "go to which park to play," racked their brains. To find a suitable leisure very feminine rendezvous.

4. Want to eat anything, only to consider his taste. On his preferences, I was always thoughtful, and never will be only of his favorite things.

5. Everyday for him to dress. Jiaoren a glance comfortable on the cool heart, it posted a heart!

6. Everyday for him to lose weight. Always worried that he will say that they too fat? Too fat? Special ugly?

7. The constant fear that he would be knocked vinegar bottles, and the former buddies will not go out to eat with ramen, or coffee.

8. For his sake, never mixed with the Internet chat forum or something. So as to avoid bad case of online friends put him worried sick!

9. All day thinking about him: he is now doing? He is now and who is speaking? But never asked him to also "is not thinking about her all the time", "anywhere, anytime to keep me know that she was."

10. Every day for him to clean clothes. Wanted him to wear fresh Shuang-ching's. Also often complain that he did not love clean.

11. Every few days to him to wash your hair, clipping the nails. The side of his shampoo, but also while nagging non-stop!

12. And the street with him when he must check whether the burnished leather shoes. If one does not light, it flew flashed tool, then rub the brush again, until her nose sweating up! 13. Every day, she will not provoke a "World War III." If, even, occasionally - as "the language of small-scale small-PK", she would be timely "reconciliation"! A maximum of only symbolically threw a small plastic cup minimum, rather than glass.

14. Every time, "Valentine's Day," "Christmas" like a holiday, she would give him a small gift, not always something he had given her.

15. Each semester, she would give him to buy a stylish clothing, allowing him to front of their classmates, become "people die like a dog", and like a "Asian Hunks"!

16. When she was angry, never ran back to the women's dormitory. But also smiling, "cat" You look at it, say: "disgusting!" Rather than ferociously say: "Good-bye!"

Femininity, a man often makes mention of terms, what is feminine, and perhaps the term referred to the performance of the men most directly is hazy in the "sniffed" that feeling.

 You know the real "feminine" do?

Of course, worldly woman who is bound to wander in between the ladies and the bitch. Shrew is naturally no one wants to do, but make an elegant woman, a taste of a woman, it is a beautiful dream of every woman the same thing. Apart from that, men are also calling for ladies return the number of men for a woman to lose flavor and gentle sigh.

So, what is feminine? To describe a specific place, really not easy. May be a gentle eyes, and perhaps an elegant posture, perhaps a shallow smile, perhaps a hint of greetings, perhaps a silent concern, perhaps a thoughtful move, perhaps a good relief and support, may be a rational response, perhaps inadvertently revealed his taste, perhaps Chuluanbujing the quiet state of mind, and perhaps laugh at life, of being indifferent to feelings ... ... a different perspective and have different knowledge and understanding. So from my personal stylist has been engaged in a woman's right to understand and analyze the external wear aside from a fashion designer's perspective and understanding of the true beauty of a woman - feminine.

A woman's taste is the connotation of a woman, a woman's charm. Women have taste, a beautiful two-thirds may be increased to seven points, and a woman no taste, nice to land on one-third of seven parts.

A woman can be not beautiful, but can not do without taste; a woman can be tolerant, but not rough; woman to be maternal, but not verbose; a woman could do without highly educated, but can not do without knowledge; a woman could do without the money, but can not do without self-esteem; a woman can be there is no strength, but can not do without good; a woman can be no authority, but can not do without morality; only know how to constantly improve their own amendments to the woman in order to grow old gracefully.

Come from a woman's taste, sense of love of learning has always been a woman "has" flavor, a hint of long-lasting fragrance. Here to study, not only refers to book knowledge, the same refers to the means to earn a living, survival skills, adapt to social, family, work and life development of the skills. A woman has a wealth of knowledge in the following will become good, since knowledge gave her heritage, cultivate her sentiments, so that she became gentle, considerate. "Tea is also why intoxicating liquor, the book Nengxiang I do not have to spend," thus, she is a woman does not have the kind of taste in general.

The relationship between beauty and taste are not directly proportional. Pretty does not mean there is taste, does not mean there is charm. Is distributed out of taste, and in leisurely inadvertently appear quietly to sneak into your line of sight, respectively, after the lingering sound curl, unforgettable feeling. Is to achieve a kind of calm in the fondly, is traversed Napian Hawthorn, remained a lingering! Taste can override the connotation of beauty, but beauty is not a substitute for taste. Taste can even break this cruel age limit. Do not you see, some hair and a woman is still a lot of flavor frost is still so beautiful, and some women, though young and beautiful, but placed the same in any place it is difficult to show a personality and elegant charm

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