Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Women how to look at his face identified health status?

His face does not look good symbol of physical problems, can have a smooth flawless face is difficult, in fact, everyone's face, more or less, there will be some small flaws, which are not easily noticed flaws in the show the body may be some not satisfactory, or if you eating out of a problem.

(I) face:

His face is too pale, indicating lack of dietary

Lack of folic acid, iron and vitamin B12. Green leafy vegetables are good sources of food folate, animal liver, and some fruits are also rich in folic acid.

 (B) the forehead:

Forehead pox spots appear, is where the liver contains excessive toxins caused by the need to reduce consumption of sugary foods high points, but also to avoid using too much alcohol. Liver detoxification, need to be sleeping, so in this time period you are you should be asleep, do not stay up all night, this time without sleep, your liver will be so tired, over time certainly would be hurt. And, we can be more in their daily diet consumption of carrots, garlic, grapes, figs, etc. to help liver detoxification.

(C) the temple:

Acne near the small temple, showing your diet contains too many processed foods, resulting in gall bladder obstruction, the body lines need to quickly clean-up. At this point in particular to note is that you avoid eating foods that are high oil content.

(D) around the eyes:
The eyes surrounded by dry, or if there were cracks like a dry surface, shows that you need to strengthen the uptake of vitamin B2 and B6. These vitamins you can obtain from the following foods: beans, various nuts, bean sprouts, carrots, a variety of fruits and vegetables, seaweed, bean sprouts, whole wheat flour, bananas, raisins, peanuts, wheat grass.

(E) cheek:

If you smoke, you are prone to swelling of the cheek, and the emergence of a clear microvascular lines. This is the skin, oxygen gas signal. The best way is to never quit!

(Vi) mouth:

Mouth appears fine wrinkles that you want to add lots of iron!

(Vii) lips:

Especially dry and cold winter, lips appear dry, peeling, cracking phenomenon of stripping the body to tell you a lack of vitamin B group, need to be to add some.

(Viii) lower jaw:

Each month menstrual cramps before and after the lower jaw grow dolphin Douzi, skin changes in this region is directly related with the ovary, you can enter the body massage or lymphatic drainage improvements.

  (Ix) the eye below:
The eye and kidney have a direct bearing on the bottom, where there are dark circles, bags under the eyes and the swelling phenomenon, that you drink too much coffee and tea, it is necessary moderation of these beverages, drink water at the same time.

(10) on both sides of the nose:

Appears on both sides of the nose blackhead, slightly dry and peeling phenomenon that poor circulation may be appropriate to carry out massage to enhance this part of the skin blood circulation. Or the amount of added zinc, vitamin B2 and B6, this part of the skin to improve blood circulation and greasy a big help.

(11) cheeks on both sides:

This part of acne skin that needs to be restrained eating, do not eat too much, more food to help the body to poison the food, like apples that have great self-purification for the body gastrointestinal effect.

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