Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ten fatal error eat vegetables

1. Often before a meal to eat tomatoes
Tomatoes should eat meal. In this way, can greatly reduce gastric acid and food mixed acidity, to avoid the stomach pressure increases caused by gastric distention, so that your baby produces abdominal pain, stomach discomfort and other symptoms.

2. Carrot made of mud mixed with carrot sauce
Do not ground into a mud along with carrot and radish sauce. Because carrots contain vitamin C can destroy the enzymes in the vitamin C will radish completely destroyed.

3. Excessive consumption of carotene
Although the carotene of the baby is very nutritious, but also pay attention to adequate food. Baby carrots or drinking too much in order to made of vegetables, tomato juice, carrot are likely to cause hyperlipidemia, so that the face and hand skin to become orange and yellow, there loss of appetite, mental instability, restlessness, or even do not sleep practical, but also accompanied by night terrors, crying, saying that the performance of gibberish and so on.

4. Shiitake mushrooms too clean or wash water immersion
Mushrooms contain lysergic Zi alcohol, after receiving sunlight into vitamin D. However, if over-washing before eating or water immersion, they lost a lot of nutrients. When mushrooms are not cooked wok or copper pots can be used in order to avoid nutrient loss.

5. Not to eat fried bean sprouts
Quality tender sprouts delicious, nutrient-rich, but be sure to eat fry. Otherwise, after eating nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and other symptoms persist.

6. To the baby too much to eat spinach
Spinach contains large amounts of oxalic acid, should not give baby too much to eat. Oxalic acid in the human body with calcium and zinc Zinc generation calcium oxalate and grass is not easy to absorb eliminated from the body, affecting calcium and zinc in the intestinal absorption of calcium deficiency easily lead to your baby, zinc deficiency, resulting in bones, teeth dysplasia, but will also affect intellectual development.

7. For the baby to eat the bitter melon is useless boiling water Zhuo Guo
Bitter melon in the oxalic acid will hinder absorption of calcium in food. Therefore, we should, first before eating boiled bitter melon in boiling water to remove oxalic acid, need to add a lot of calcium your baby can not eat a lot of bitter melon.

8. Chives cooked too long after the store
Chinese chives are doing are best to eat, do not keep well. If stored for too long, which will be a lot of nitrate into nitrite, causing toxicity. In addition, the baby can not be Chijiu Cai indigestion.

9. The green leafy vegetables, cook the stew for a long time to eat
Green leafy vegetables cooking cook not long simmered. Otherwise, green leafy vegetables in the nitrate will be converted into nitrite, easy to make baby food poisoning.

10. Quick-frozen vegetables and cooked for too long
Most frozen vegetables have been fooled before, not cooked too long, otherwise it will rot away, the loss of a lot of nutrition

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