Monday, December 14, 2009

Eat hot, cold drinks can cope with hair loss

From the physiological point of view, hair shedding is a normal phenomenon, but in four seasons, summer is the easiest hair shedding season. Excessive hair shedding will affect the beauty, so summer hair care is particularly important for hair protein is necessary for generating and nutrition important material, usually in the meat content of more food, but the weather was hot in the summer, people like light food, meat, reduced food intake. If the body's protein supply shortage, the hair will be easier to fall off. Therefore, in the summer should be paid attention to protein intake and eat more iron, calcium, vitamin A and other hair nourishing effect on food such as milk, eggs, lean meat, fish, dry beans and soybean products, sesame and so on.

Hair shedding and the external environmental factors closely related to the strong summer sun, ultraviolet direct head, thermal radiation on the human head a very strong stimulation of the skin, causing damage to the hair off, so in the summer, should be to protect the skin without causing drying spot, as to protect hair from sun damage. Summer should avoid exposure to the sun on the head and less of the activities under the sun. When they go out wearing a visor, or stays the best umbrella.

In addition, the physician was also found that if too much eating popsicles in summer, ice cream and other cold drinks, the hair can easily fall off, so in the summer even if it is thirsty, and do not over-eat popsicles, ice cream and other cold drinks, the correct way is to drink more some boiled water.

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