Sunday, December 13, 2009

The most reliable men in the eyes of a woman face

Often be inferred from the faces of the beginning of a person's character and quality. You men, you have a face to do a woman feel secure?

In the woman's eyes, what kind of man the most honest credible?ResearchShow, a round face, pale brow, narrow nose, round chin, big eyes of men generally considered to be "loyal credible", while the thick eyebrows, pointed chin, deep eye socket of the men are often considered to be "sinister cunning." Accordingly, the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and newly elected U.S. President Barack Obama are included in the "trusted" category.

(Computer synthesis of the most honest and reliable male faces. According to the study of "good faith criteria for the classification," British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and U.S. President-elect Barack Obama seems "implausible.")

According to the United KingdomMediaReported that synthesis of the UK face the University of KentExpert希尔斯索罗door leading aResearchGroup, 111 women at the same time to produce 120 different male faces, require the latter according to their own subjective feelings determine who is "honest and credible" and that this classified into five gradient.

The study found that female respondents tend to believe that men with the following facial features more "honest and credible": a round face, large round eyes, light eyebrows, narrow nose, small nose, big mouth, thin lips, jaw line soft, sparse facial hair, color bright side.

The same study found that respondents used to think that men's facial features with the following relative "insidious cunning": a square face, small eyes, Deep, thick eyebrows, broad nose, large nostrils, mouth, thick lips, jaw line fortitude, facial fine hair thick, color ashen.

Interestingly, the Solomon of the experimental results with the British psychologist Dr. Linda Bu Siluoyide thesis coincide. Linda believes that women tend to be masculine characteristics attributed to "cold, high-handed and dishonest", but more willing to believe that looks partial "feminization" of men. In a word, "The more a man, the more unreliable."

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