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Stroke, the most obvious sign of the top ten

① a transient amaurosis.With sudden onset of eyes black, depending on the material is unclear, but it can resume after a few seconds. This is a reduction of cerebral blood flow, micro-thrombosis caused by retinal artery. Because the carotid artery ophthalmic artery is the first branches of the carotid atherosclerosis, stenosis, ischemia of the most sensitive, it can be seen as amaurosis the earliest warning signals of stroke.

② transient visual disturbances.Blurred vision or visual field defect, paroxysmal attacks, many experts in one hour to restore. This is the central artery or branch retinal artery occlusion due to cerebral blood flow by reducing the results, but has not yet appeared neurological signs of stroke can be seen as warning signals earlier.

③ twisted neck numbness in the hand sign.Mostly occurs when the head turned to the side of the shave, Tugan finger weakness, razor floor and some words unclear ,1-2 minutes recovery. This is because the rotor, it caused hardening of the carotid artery has been added to narrow distorted results. This phenomenon, enough to warn people that a stroke can occur at any time.

④ transient ischemic attack.Appears a transient paralysis, hemiplegia or single, may accompanied by aphasia, but the holding time is short, more than fully restored within 24 hours, which reveals a mild stroke. It could be as progressive as a harbinger of complete stroke.

⑤ the elderly or the surge in blood pressure, volatile, Headache, dizziness, tinnitus increased, mental symptoms such as tension or Shenpi addicted, which means that hemorrhagic stroke can occur.

⑥ 50% of the elderly nose bleeding may occur early signs of stroke.This is because the nasal mucosa of the elderly have taken place over the form and function of the changes tend to atrophy and occurrence of squamous epithelium, nasal cavity telangiectasia, brittleness increased, when the high blood pressure, or brain blood vessels has not been broken before the nasal blood vessels of a certain 1 will be pre-rupture, causing bleeding nose. Have high blood pressure and atherosclerosis in the elderly, in case of nose bleeding, may occur in 1-6 months, stroke or brain haemorrhage.

⑦ patients with hypertension, such as dizziness,The occurrence of string in which the wind does not appear dizziness were higher than 16 times. The so-called vertigo, or dizziness, feeling themselves and the surrounding objects in the rotation.

⑧ frequent yawn is also a stroke signal.Originally, playing a yawning a trivial matter, especially when lack of sleep. However, if the elderly frequently yawn, it is a dangerous signal, often a precursor to stroke symptoms. As the age increases, the elderly increased prevalence of cerebral arteriosclerosis, 60 years of age or older the prevalence rate of 67.5% or more. Occurred due to cerebral vascular sclerosis, wall elasticity decreased lumen becomes narrow, large blood flow also be reduced, leading to brain tissue showed ischemia, hypoxia and thus give rise to frequent yawning, a phenomenon often stroke precursor. It was found that 70% of stroke patients, 5-10 days before onset of symptoms, have frequent yawning abnormal performance. Therefore, when such a phenomenon, must not be careless, should pay attention to rest and avoid fatigue, ban alcohol and tobacco, eat vegetables, prevent constipation, and should go to hospital for treatment.

⑨ "mini-stroke" is a stroke of the danger signals.Transient ischemic attack commonly known as "mini-stroke", which refers to the short period of time to reduce the cerebral blood flow caused by brain dysfunction, symptoms occur rapidly and disappear quickly, usually lasting a few seconds, minutes, hours ranging from and to ease within 24 hours. Disease onset with light to heavy, light person several times a year in weight from day several times in January dozens of times. Its symptoms can be divided into two categories:

- Carotid artery ischemia caused by the side of the hand, foot weakness, numbness, involuntary limb beating cramps, hemiparesis, hemiplegia sensory disturbances, monocular amaurosis or temporary blindness, speech, or aphasia Tu Yu unclear, surface hemp, tongue Ma, stream Kouxian, etc.;

- Vertebrobasilar arterial system caused by ischemia, dizziness, vertigo, nausea and vomiting, headache, tinnitus or sudden deafness, walking shaking, depending on the material flowing, there is a sense of floating and sinking, or a sudden fell to the ground.

The main reason the disease incidence are: heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, cervical disease. Emotional stress, tiredness, cold may be to promote its incidence. Although the disease symptoms of light, but serious consequences, some patients may occur after severe cerebral ischemic stroke. According to statistics, suffering a small stroke, five-year course of the disease, with almost 50% of the development of stroke.

To this end,Physicians have the disease as a stroke of the danger signals. Stroke is a serious threat to life of patients with diseases, is by far one of the reasons human beings of the three dead, stroke Once the disease at stake, even if the rescue came, and is often left hemiplegia, language barriers or other consequences.
Therefore, transient ischemic should pay close attention, prompt treatment, and actively take measures to prevent the occurrence of stroke.

⑩ Beware of diarrhea induced by stroke. Diarrhea can be induced by a variety of diseases, including stroke. This is because the body can cause diarrhea, decreased blood volume, a number of closely related with the vascular function of cations in considerable loss of blood viscosity increased, blood flow velocity change. In addition, diarrhea, toxins produced by pathogenic bacteria into the blood circulation, make blood vessels spasm, and change the permeability of blood vessel walls.

These phenomena also occur among young people, but the young people's self-control is good, strong organ function reversibility. The elderly people are associated with cardiovascular diseases, diarrhea, once there, they directly affect the circulatory system, and induce a stroke.

Diarrhea are many reasons, but mostly because of poor diet, eating unclean cause. In order to reduce the "stroke" in place, the elderly should be given due attention to food hygiene, to prevent the "disease from the mouth people." Once the diarrhea, especially accompanied by vomiting person, we should seize the opportunity to timely treatment can not be taken lightly.

⑩ vigilance "one-off nature of forgotten."“A transient completely forgotten "is not an independent disease, but a syndrome. Forgotten episode features include the following four points:
- In old age disease, sudden onset.
- The performance of many nearly forgotten something forgotten, while the short-term memory and remote memory remained good.
- Onset before without aura, attacks in the conscious, self-awareness good, the various activities of daily life do not change, as usual can be a home, talk with people, labor, etc., so others difficult to detect, but their perception can be abnormal ill at ease.
- 24 hours to return to normal.

A cause of amnesia has been unclear, scholars observed that the disease prevalent in the 55 years of age or older, 64% -92% of patients with cerebrovascular disease have the same risk factors, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, blood fat disease, diabetes, and of which 16% of patients due to repeated attacks and the development of complete stroke; Moreover, the majority of patients accompanied by a transient vertigo, tinnitus, visual hallucination, etc. - vertebrobasilar insufficiency symptoms. Accordingly, scholars believe that forgotten episode in relation to the basis of diseases, coupled with mood swings, cold, hot water bath, headache, a sudden switch to neck and other factors, leading to the brain and memory are closely related to one called the "hippocampus" in site appears caused by blood disorder. In addition, it was considered to be a type of epilepsy seizure, it was also reported that genetic factors.

Scholars at home and abroad based on a long-term observation in patients with transient result of forgetting that although the prognosis is good, about 71% of patients will be repeated attack, attack interval ranging from a few days to several years, a few can be developed to complete stroke or dementia, So that should be vigilant and not be taken lightly. To prevent this disease, the most fundamental is the basis for the prevention of diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, heart disease.

Insisting on the proper exercise and manual labor, to enhance physical fitness; to maintain optimism; pay attention to the scientific nature of diet, but the amount of the consumption of animal fats, eat more vegetables and foods rich in cellulose; less drinking, no smoking. Once suffering from a forgotten disease onset can be under the guidance of a doctor, using anti-platelet aggregation and to improve cerebral blood circulation of the drug therapy, active treatment should be the basis of diseases, lift-induced factors, to avoid the development of recurrent stroke or dementia complete

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