Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Men shave with stress

Studies suggest that beneficial facial shaving shave clean, so dead skin cells fall off, but also enhance the face, under chin muscle activity, promote local blood circulation and metabolism, helping to eliminate facial wrinkles, people look young and handsome. ManHave been scraping the face of so many years, it should be everyone is an expert. In actual fact, many men are taking great pains to find the right way to shave.

First of all, and most important thing is to make preparations. Shave the time should be chosen, or after a hot shower, or just use soap and hot water when washing the face. This will not only make the skin clean, you can also remove the face of too much fat.

Be sure to use shaving cream. Some people wipe the face with liquid soap before shaving, skin scratch after the burning discomfort. If you use toothpaste instead of soap on the absence of such discomfort, and feel the cool moisture, very comfortable. Beard shaving cream that contains keratin softening and lubricating the skin of the drug coating the hair, and beards, so that his beard soft and moist, reduce the blade and the skin friction, people without pain. But the shaving cream's ingredients are generally more complex, a small number of people after use may cause allergic dermatitis and other reactions, this time should be discontinued. It will become more humid beard and helps reduce friction. Some substances, such as benzocaine (Benzocaine), and menthol, the skin can produce the feeling of numbness, shave, when not to use shaving cream containing such ingredients, because it will make the pores shrink, stiffen beard.

Should be kept clean and razor sharp, so that you can use less point force. And less force means less scratches and lacerations. First scrape cheek scraping part of the site easily, so hard to scrape a beard can have sufficient time to absorb moisture and become softer.

Special Note:

Some people like to use old-fashioned razor, but more men are happy to use the security of embedded blade shaving knives, sharp blade will literally blow the skin is very clean, smooth, do not leave thorny beard stubble. In recent years, the increasing popularity of electric shavers up. When the electric shaving tremors around the lips and cheeks can enhance the vitality of the region, played tremor massage, and clear the role of the meridian qi and blood. However, few people use, the mouth-week skin itching a little while before it gets better out and disappeared. This may be related to contact with nickel-contained electric shaver on. Nickel is the most common allergens, the skin damage, the bacterial infection, excessive friction can increase the absorption of nickel. At this point, should stop using the electric shaver.

It is noteworthy that, some people like to pull by hand or tweezers beard, this is a bad habit, the bacteria easily invade, causing folliculitis, furunculosis and other skin diseases.

The first pass should be scraping along the direction of beard growth. This can reduce the chance ingrown beard, but also can make most of your face when the first pass Guawan very like a kind of. If you still need to scratch again supplemented, this should be going against the direction of beard growth and shaving.

Now, there are various post-shaving care products to ease the uncomfortable feeling after shaving his face, and nourishing your facial skin. Just scratch the skin is very sensitive, and should therefore use a non-alcoholic products. If you can follow these simple steps, scrapings a pretty face is not difficult

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