Monday, December 7, 2009

Chang Wen flowers can effectively inhibit the disease

Many people may have had such experience: dragging an exhausted body, accidental exposure to flowers and trees, Dungan relaxed and happy, all the trouble and fatigue vanished instantly, memory, understanding, common sense, decision-making power clearly enhanced. Actually that this is the smell of the significant effects of brain.

The smell of human impact of big brain has a long recorded history of China, Ming Li's well-known pharmaceutical companies in the "Compendium of Materia Medica. Aromatic chapter," listed a large quantity of fitness, Liao Ji role of herbs. In recent years, the use of scent regulate people's psychological, physiological function, changing people's mental state, and thus the treatment of illness and preventive health care role, and heart disease, high blood pressure, bronchitis, asthma, nerve weakness, blindness and other diseases has been the treatment of begun to make a breakthrough. In particular, some specific neurological diseases, such as headache, dizziness, blurred vision, mental stress and other symptoms, in the taste stimulus, the symptoms will be somewhat alleviated.

Why is there scented treatment of disease and preventive health care functions? This is because the plant stem and leaves or flowers of oil cells, upon sunlight will be able to break out of a volatile aromatic oil, aroma volatiles can be a powerful way to stimulate the person's respiratory center and large brain, promoting the human inhaling oxygen , and expel carbon dioxide. Therefore, adequate brain oxygen supply, resulting in exuberant energy, thus making the quick thinking clearly. Meanwhile, with the proliferation of aroma in the air increased cation, but also further regulate the nervous system, promote blood circulation, thus contributing to the corresponding organs of the body secrete hormones and body fluids of healthy, releasing enzymes, acetyl and biliary ballast and other substances with physiological activity, so as to achieve harmony and function of body organs, enhance the body's immunity and vitality, and thus effectively inhibit or treat various diseases.

In fact, our memories will also be the impact of sense of smell, when we become older, the sense of smell gradually missing, then the memory is slowly missing. The sense of smell not only with human cells in the nose contact, but also to stimulate our brain responsible for memory cells. Therefore, when the sense of smell loss, then that person's memories would surely be hurt.

The hot summer, people prone to irritable mood, holly flowers with a sedative, and eliminate fatigue, promote the role of sleep, cold stuffy nose can smell smell jasmine. Would like to clean the air, refreshing and then placed inside the basin at home, cloves, clove aroma of the flowers contain eugenol oil, disinfection super; bear when you feel irritable, depressed, we might smell lilies, tulips scent, this fragrance can exclude irritable mood, is to assist the treatment of anxiety disorders and depression in a recipe; sweet-scented osmanthus alleviate fatigue; peony flowers make you feel good and hassle free. A good mood can be used to adjust the taste, and raised a number of plants around you, so that the sweet taste accompanied by your side, to give you plenty of energy, happy mood

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