Friday, December 18, 2009

Science and the details of the use of condoms 14

1. Each sex before they are condoms with a new gum. Each condom can only be used once, do not be secondary use.

2. Condoms have different specifications, should be based on the size of the penis during erection select the appropriate type, such as too much off the General Assembly in the vagina, the small break so that semen is squeezed into the vagina.

3. Should review the product before use date and validity period expired condoms has changed, easy to break down, unfit for use.

4. Condoms must be stored in a cool, dry and non-contact with acid, alkali, oil environment. If contact with the above conditions to become sticky, hair brittle, even in the shelf-life period should not be used.

5. To be torn by hand carefully separate sealed bags to avoid the use of scissors a class weapon. So as to allow condom breakage.

6. Must be put before the start of sexual intercourse. Some people like to wear during sexual intercourse again, so that contraception is very dangerous.

7. Wear a condom glans deflated before pinch the top for the storage of semen with a small balloon to prevent the air bag in the case of thermal expansion, prompting the semen to the penis during ejaculation overflow.

8. Condoms should not be started in advance, but should be in the erection of the penis from the glans part of the head start advantage of the opportunity down.

9. Remove the condom while the fingers could not have access to semen and vaginal secretions, so sex is no longer their hands after touching female organs, must immediately wash their hands with soap and water in the mobile underwater.

10. To ensure condom to trap the entire penis.

11. Condoms can only use water-based lubricant. Vaseline, liquid paraffin, paint on face oil, cooking oil, etc. can be brittle in the short term to increase condom and accelerate its breakdown.

12. Condoms found in using the hole or detachment, only replace the condom is still unsafe, should immediately stop sexual intercourse, the use of disinfectants, cleaning the genitals.

13. After ejaculation the penis should be weak before the finger holding down the bottom of a condom along with the penis out.

14. Remove the condom must not let the semen flow, or to make contact with condoms, vaginal secretions outside the body. Used condoms should be thrown into the trash into plastic bags.

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