Thursday, December 24, 2009

Made the world hate the woman Shayang?

China is a country rich in Jour. Whether film or a novel real life, always see groups of women shedding tears, pulling the nose, said, "You heartless ... ...." Chinese women, seems to have been used to locate become a "wounded."

Take a look around, that is often some Jour.

The couple quarrel, no matter who is who justified unreasonable, she must be crying to Xilihuala: "Why is always hurt me?!"

Disagreements with co-workers, she must come back to a worried frown complaining: "Why do they all bully me?!"

A little bit small, she could think to play to the limit; a little Xu contradictions, she exaggerated to infinity. In short, a thousand words merged into one sentence: the world will all bear me!

This woman, everyone afraid. Hide those around her, afraid that she would someday a sensitive nerve, but also vent their anger to themselves; boyfriend was afraid of her, a happy heart love good, Gan Mafei be confused that we do not jolly; her husband to marry her, and then always regret This is the collapse of the wife, so that my home has become not a temperature!

This woman is stupid is stupid, but also selfish. Their excessive desire for love, never want to be around anyone, like, like parents love their children love her, her boyfriend should be praised if she treasures her husband to love her, such as beads, friends, colleagues have to pet her, such as women.

Often, for such a girl, with a total say on the one: you think you are? Gum gee yuk yip do really think he is? !

Of course, if you are really a daughter of the emperor's daughter's richest man, then good, do not you ask around since there will be a large number of a large number of good profit to come to curry favor to please you. But if you're not, just an extraordinary ordinary Brownies, then please learn to lay down their hearts, or a shelf.

One does not know how to give love, only know how to enjoy the love of a woman, there is the embryonic form of the Jour. Because her heart is a bottomless pit, others no amount of care is also filled her heart of greed! A woman, in their day feeling hurt at the same time, surrounded by love, but also gradually from her gone. People are the same, no one likes to give itself bring happiness to people, men especially, if a woman only to make him feel tired and frustrated, of course, he would be farther away from her, and then a bit further ... ...

Jour word on the twenty-first century, is very out of touch. To move forward a few tens of centuries, the status of the old society, women had no income there is no life without the initiative, in a weak position, or extenuating. But who are the same as a woman can work outside the home can pursue what you want in life, why he insists on its own to suffer so much to say? ! The world has never been sympathetic to the weak, the poor do not think you meet people around to win the love and affection, wanted to be a strong woman, keep in mind that the grief for themselves, just be reserved for their own ... ...

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