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And eggs with fresh food is hazardous to health

Eggs, chicken eggs Phasianidae animals, also known as chicken eggs, chicken, sweet natured, has a Ziyin Runzao, Yang Xin soothe the nerves, nourishing and preventing miscarriage, longevity achievements. Egg is a popular favorite foods, fresh eggs contained in the nutrient-rich and comprehensive, nutritionists called "complete protein model", had been hailed as the "ideal nutritional library."

The main nutrients are:
1. Protein: eggs, rich in quality protein per 100 grams of egg-containing 12.7 grams of protein, the protein contained two eggs, roughly equivalent to 150 grams of fish or lean meat protein. Egg protein digestibility of the milk, pork, beef and rice are the highest. Fresh egg-containing protein, the main protein of eggs (in egg white middle) and the yolk proteins (mainly in the egg yolk). Of its amino acid composition and most close to human tissue proteins, so a very high absorption rate up to 99.7%.

2. Fat: Each egg contains 100 grams of fat 11.6 grams, mostly concentrated in the egg yolk, and unsaturated fatty acids for more milk fat was melt-like, easily absorbed.

3. Amino acids: methionine are particularly abundant in eggs, while the grains and pulses, is the absence of such essential amino acids, so the eggs mixed with grain or beans for consumption, can improve the bioavailability of the latter two.

4. Other micro-nutrients: eggs, there are other important micronutrients, such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron in particular, egg yolk up to 7 mg / 100 g; egg is very rich in phosphorus, but the relative lack of calcium, Therefore, the consumption of milk and egg together can complement each other nutrition. Egg vitamin A, B is also very rich.

In recent years, nutritionists and medical scientists at home and abroad on the egg nutritional value and health function has six new understanding:

● Jiannaoyizhi in egg yolk lecithin, triglycerides, cholesterol, and yolk hormone, and physical development of the nervous system has a great effect. Phosphatidylcholine digested by the body, may release choline, choline improves memory in all age groups.

● protect the liver and egg proteins in liver tissue injury of the repair. Egg yolk lecithin can promote the regeneration of liver cells. Also increase the amount of human plasma proteins, enhance the body's metabolic functions and immune function.

● Control atherosclerosis U.S. nutritionists and health professionals to use eggs to combat atherosclerosis, was an unexpected amazing results from their eggs, nuts, liver extract lecithin, every day suffering from cardiovascular patients to eat 4 ~ 6 tablespoons. 3 months later, the patient's serum cholesterol decreased significantly, to obtain satisfactory results.

● Prevention of Cancer eggs contain more vitamin B2, vitamin B2 can be broken down and oxidized in the human body carcinogens. Of trace elements in eggs, such as selenium and zinc, also have anti-cancer effect. Human cancer mortality in the world based on the analysis, it was discovered that cancer mortality is inversely proportional to the intake of selenium.

● Anti-aging eggs contain almost all of the human body needs nutrients, a lot of experience in one of the longevity of the elderly live longer is to eat an egg every day. Chinese folklore of the many health-medicated diet are also inseparable from the eggs. For example, the fleece-flower root boiled eggs, boiled eggs, porcine brain, eggs, porridge and so on. If the eggs processed into salted egg, the calcium will be increased significantly by 55 mg each hectogram to 512 mg, or about 10 times the fresh eggs, especially suitable for those who want to calcium.

● maintenance of skin, the United States contains more eggs rich in iron. 100 grams of egg yolk iron 150 mg. Iron in human blood and in blood from the transport of oxygen and nutrients role. Fan Chu's face ruddy beauty, can not do without iron. If the iron deficiency may lead to iron-deficiency anemia, chlorosis, people's face, the skin has lost its luster of beauty. This shows that the egg is indeed an important food to maintain the skin, one of the United States.

Eggs should not be the same with what foods to eat?

● eggs, milk and milk contains lactose, lactose, galactose and glucose is a dimer, in which galactose is its nutrition lies. Eggs contain many proteins, broken down into amino acids, amino acid absorption of energy (small intestine wall active transport). At this point, blood glucose can be used less, will be oxidized galactose energy supply. Some sort of egg and milk proteins in certain nutrients react with each other, so that decline in nutritional value, so should not the same food.

● eggs, milk and milk hygiene contains trypsin inhibitor that can inhibit the protease activity of the human body, affecting the protein in the human body's digestion and absorption, where the egg contains a sticky egg white protein, soy milk can be the same combination of trypsin, so that the protein been hampered by the decomposition, thereby reducing the body's absorption of protein.

● eggs and sugar in many places there are to eat sugar Tongzhu poached habits. In fact, the eggs and sugar Tongzhu will lead to the formation of egg protein in Fructose-based amino acid lysine conjugates. This substance can not easily be absorbed by the body, will have adverse effects on health.

People's misunderstanding of eggs

Eat eggs will lead to increased cholesterol

Indeed, over each egg yolk contains 200 milligrams of cholesterol, which accounted for the total recommended daily intake of cholesterol, 2 / 3. Therefore, many people have been terrified of this data, and the egg yolk in the daily diet in addition refused. In fact, there is no scientific research can prove that eating eggs and more eggs than those who ate fewer higher risk of heart disease. To date, approximately 120,000 men and women examined the eating habits, and, after many years of follow-up of authoritative studies have shown that: an average of one egg a day to eat healthy men and women eating an egg or the same week compared to people who do not eat , the incidence of heart attack or stroke risk did not increase. These data clearly tells us: eggs, the high cholesterol and high cholesterol in our bodies is not directly linked. Because egg yolk contains rich lecithin, is a powerful emulsifier, cholesterol and fat particles can become very fine and smoothly through the vessel wall by cell fully utilized, thereby reducing blood cholesterol. And egg yolk lecithin choline released after digestion into the blood and thus synthesis of acetylcholine, is a major neurotransmitter substances, can improve brain function, enhance memory. So, not just because of their high cholesterol content, while the predicted probability of their risk of heart disease will have a negative impact

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