Sunday, December 6, 2009

Eat candy may induce breast cancer

Candy, cakes and the "Abbas sweet"Formation of brain and breast cancer is a predisposing factor

 The 20th century, early 80's, the beverage industry to introduce a new kind of sweetener - aspartyl-phenylalanine methyl ester, commonly known as "Abbas sweet." Abbas is a sugar sweet sweetness 180 times, but can not provide any calories. Because the United States Food and Drug Administration that it is a safe alternative to sugar, this substance has now been in food production has been widely used.

In the intestinal tract, Abbas sweet as a decomposition process will produce two kinds of amino acids - aspartic acid and phenylalanine, both substances are neurotransmitters. Another decomposition process will produce methanol and formaldehyde. Abbas, obtained from food, sweet about 10% are converted into methanol and formaldehyde. Some people claim that alcohol can be the liver to absorb and break down, but it is known that methanol is a toxic substance.

Methanol and formaldehyde can produce optic nerve damage and even cause blindness. In recent years, the United States, as the plaque and the incidence of retinal nerve disorders serious rise in young people is particularly significant, which is the extensive use of off sweet Abbas not open to account. Abbas, another side effect of sweet is that it will promote the formation of brain tumor, but also result in two nervous system disorders.

Needless to say, Food and Drug Administration allows the use of sweet Abbas, has caused a lot of health problems. Some people drink a few glasses of diet drinks every day, so that their bodily injury to methanol and formaldehyde is extremely serious. Unfortunately, methanol and formaldehyde on human nervous system damage is accumulated.

"Abbas sweet" and the caffeine into the human body will be pushed the brain, liver, kidney, spleen and endocrine cells in the biological process. Most of the "sweet Abbas" will translate into aspartic acid and phenylalanine, two amino acid stimulation of the brain have a direct role in the "sweet Abbas" and the common role of caffeine, the brain will quickly lose their original metabolic balance, as aspartic acid and phenylalanine access has become much easier than other amino acids.

The vast majority of amino acids have to go through some kind of biochemical reactions, to generate the corresponding neurotransmitter. However, aspartate (and glutamate) is an exception, which itself can act directly on the brain.

Studies have shown that with more aspartate receptor of the nervous system, reproductive system and mammary gland of the activation system. Right breast for a long-term nerve stimulation, but no other pregnancy-related neural signals, which may lead to breast cancer. I personally think that long-term intake of "sweet Abbas," a result of a large number of lactation estrogen secretion, is the beginning of this yearFemale breast cancer incidence rates have risen dramatically the source of the trouble. Taking "Abbas sweet" Another consequence is that it may be a predisposing factor in the formation of brain tumors in rats conducted by animal experiments, this correlation has been verified.

To reduce the use of artificial sweeteners, try to drink less sweet drinks, eating natural foods, is to reduce the brain tumor, breast cancer, vision problems and other diseases the best way is an important concept of health and longevity

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