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These ways of life can prevent chronic diseases

* China is facing a heavy burden of chronic diseases
* Innovation eating habits and daily exercise can be effective in preventing chronic diseases

* Prevention of chronic diseases Guizaijianchi

Preventing chronic diseases: diet + exercise

Dr. Troedsson said, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise caused by chronic diseases, has affected China and the world's majority of the population. Therefore, the guidance on the long-term to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including a reasonable diet and regular exercise, maintaining personal health and national productivity, as well as development potential, has significance.

"As a doctor, I think nothing more than the cornerstone of a healthy and reasonable nutrition and exercise," Troedsson said the doctor, "This is the most effective intervention in chronic disease, the most economical way."

Meals a day specified in the pagoda appropriate amount and type of food intake is to give people a visual impression, not strict requirements. Chinese Nutrition Society, chairman of Ge Yu stressed that they promoted a "balanced" diet concept, promotion of the long-standing attitude.

  Recommended Diet

Chinese Nutrition Society, chairman of Ge-you notes, "Guide" promote "thickness with" to encourage people to eat more soy and its products, reduce the amount of cooking oil, less salt.

"Coarse grain" where are rich in dietary fiber, you can dilute the human intestine, especially the colon of toxins, promote bowel movements, maintain intestinal health. In recent years, there are studies suggest that dietary fiber can enhance satiety and help reduce calorie intake, and thereby prevent obesity.

Soy is rich in vegetable protein, could serve as a preferred source of protein for human beings, because intake of animal protein intake of cholesterol at the same time inevitably. The study also confirmed, soybeans and their products can reduce blood pressure in healthy people, soybeans, soy isoflavones contained in lipid metabolism for the regulation also be useful.

Normal daily intake of cooking oil should not exceed 25 ~ 30 g, salt intake should not exceed 6 g. Because the intake of too much fat will lead to hyperlipidemia, overweight or obese, increasing the risk of suffering from various chronic diseases. Excessive salt intake will lead to high blood pressure, diabetes and high blood pressure, stroke and other independent risk factors for chronic diseases.

   Exercise Prescription

"Guide" also encourages people to "every day" campaign recommends healthy adults every day to maintain "6000-step" of the exercise. Basic activities of daily volume of approximately 2000 steps in order to "1000-step" as the basic unit of activity, respectively, can be the equivalent of riding a bike 7 minutes, mopping the floor 8 minutes, medium-speed walking for 10 minutes or tai chi 8 minutes.

"Guide" referred to, with adult health-related exercise can be divided into aerobic endurance exercise, muscle and joint flexibility, strength training exercises. Aerobic endurance exercise include cycling, swimming, walking, jogging and so on. Muscle strength training can be completed such as dumbbells and fitness equipment. Joint flexibility exercises, mainly through joint flexion, extension and rotation to carry out.

Different sports are different forms of health promotion role. "Guide" that aerobic endurance exercise can enhance heart and lung function, lower blood pressure, blood lipid and blood sugar levels, increase insulin sensitivity, improve glucose and lipid metabolism and regulation of the endocrine system, improve bone density, reduce body fat accumulation. Adherence to aerobic exercise, you can make it happen coronary heart disease, stroke, reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. Muscle training can make bones, joints and muscles stronger. This helps slow physical decline of motor function. Recent study found that there is a reasonable exercise can reduce stress, gives rise to pleasure, ease anxiety, improve symptoms of depression and so on. In addition, skeletal muscle has a metabolic regulatory role, can prevent diabetes, obesity and other diseases, slow down its progress.

Experts remind that, because each physical differences, we can withstand the amount of exercise are different, therefore, in carrying out physical activity should do what, when and gradual manner.

  Reasonable choice snacks and drinks

This "Guide" was also put forward the human should be a reasonable choice snacks and beverages. A more reasonable choice is dairy products, fruits and vegetables, nuts, etc., either on the daily dietary intake of nutrients to do a certain supplement, it will not increase the excess energy intake. Studies have shown that eating a small amount of nuts a week to help protect heart health, but excessive consumption may increase energy intake, thus leading to obesity. The maintenance of a weekly intake of 50 g of nuts is more reasonable.

Sugar high and carbonated beverages can increase the energy intake, oral hygiene and other hazards. Excessive alcohol consumption will also increase energy intake per gram of alcohol metabolism, after providing 29 kJ of energy. When the human body through the dietary intake of adequate energy, alcohol metabolism on the energy stored as fat down. Therefore, the long-term excessive drinking can often prone to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Of alcohol on the liver damage has also been a variety of studies confirm that long-term alcohol consumption increases cirrhosis, liver cancer. On the other hand, some studies have shown that proper drinking, particularly red wine, have some cardiovascular protective effect. In this regard, "Guide" recommended daily alcohol intake of adult men in less than 25 g, females less than 15 g.

  Expensive in the sustained

Troedsson doctors repeatedly stressed that diet and exercise on the role of health, often need a longer time to manifest. Not to say that a meal to eat healthy, exercise a day was full, we can play much effect. To maintain a healthy lifestyle is a long-term task that requires people to persevere.

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