Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Coffee affect a man's sexuality

The study found that coffee, a refreshing Xingnao effect because the ingredients contain caffeine. Of course, not just coffee that contains only coffee, green tea, black tea, also have caffeine. So, these caffeine, what effect will this have a sex? In answering this question, must first explain what is meant by refreshing Xingnao role.

For example, when people feel dizzy and stuffy, the cup of coffee or tea, emotional, whom immediately refreshing, it is because of its ingredient in sympathetic stimulation caused by caffeine. Simply put, in charge of all activities during the day is sympathetic, as long as it can to stimulate and restore energy, everything becomes more vivid.

This matter from another point of view, is tantamount to suppress parasympathetic. As the sympathetic and parasympathetic part of the relationship between the table and where, when the sympathetic nerve activity, sympathetic nerve weaker than the suppression of the parasympathetic nervous. The night of the functional parasympathetic physiology, erection, and so sex-related part, due to excessive intake of caffeine, will have an adverse effect.

The sympathetic and parasympathetic autonomic function, namely because many people do not know to adjust autonomic nerve is one of the keys sexuality. Miss some of its widespread use of intensive Quewu male methods, better understanding of this truly effective.

Therefore, the usual emotional ups and downs large, sympathetic easily excited people, especially in sex before, it is best not to drink coffee and other caffeinated beverages. So as not to suppress the parasympathetic and reduced libido

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