Friday, December 18, 2009

Women's underwear, reveal her love knot

Puzzled type: black lace panties A film actress is the basic equipment, as the most inspired men's underwear Cikuan the original impulse, so that men can not resist sexual temptation, so a woman wearing a black lace underwear, the subconscious hope to conquer men, flirt with passion, love passion sex bold way, and even looking forward to taste the thrill of betrayal, favorite to become the focus of attention Oh man!

Healthy: white cotton underwear. This type of a woman belonging to the bright and lively, pleasant children, like the pursuit of the sun-like life, high self-expectations, and strive to practice their own goals. For the other half of the request, hope he is being reckless free and easy, and vigorous man, eager to have a sub-practical stability of sex, more needs to be clutching his thick body feeling!

Lovely type: printing patterns underwear. This type of woman is a relatively weak-minded little woman, for love or sex are all looking forward to holding further hurt the psychological fear, hesitant to try, all things are go beyond that, very conservative and self-restraint. However, if the experience is very active and strong partner, you may have detonated a warm response, but afterwards they regret remorse endless!

The romantic type: pink underwear department. Also pleasing is the gentle and sweet woman shared the performance of this type of sex is full of romantic fantasy and shy conservative modesty like the gentle words of love and sweet kisses and look forward to handsome Prince Charming come with their own romantic enjoyment of all.

Active type: Chromic Department of underwear. This type of woman does not consciously subconscious like to take the initiative and look forward to leading the other into his heart or body, just, and generous is the common feature of such a woman could not tolerate a male chauvinist style.

Prosaic type: large relaxation of the underwear. This type of woman for sex has long been the lack of mystery, right partner is unlikely that he should in a romantic atmosphere or a savory smell of the place, even though occasionally a very pleasant, but the lack of romantic feeling. This type of woman because of their appearance easily become too lazy to dress up very casually

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