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Sedentary obesity and other factors can lead to lung function decline in the human body

No exercise, no sweat, sedentary young people become accustomed to the shallow breathing, the lungs of garbage is difficult to drain the brain long-term chronic hypoxia.

Status of the Chinese people continued to decline in vital capacity


We all love the eyes the heart, gastrointestinal, liver or cervical spine, has neglected the most vital organs - lungs. Do not breathe can not tolerate even a minute or two, but ignored the lung capacity of the "depression" - vital capacity decline in turn a blind eye. Decline in vital capacity, said the body oxygen uptake capacity and poor exhaust emissions will lead to, such as headache, dizziness, chest tightness, apathetic, lack of concentration, memory, insomnia and other white-collar sub-health population common problem.

By the State Sports General Administration and the Ministry of Education published in 2000 National Physique monitoring results, with 15 years ago, compared to 40-69 year-old man fell to 3347.2 milliliters lung capacity by 2441.3 milliliters of women decreased from 2362.3 milliliters to 1761.6 milliliters, respectively, down 28% and 26%. 2005 National Physique monitoring results indicate that male and female lung capacity Juncheng further downward trend.

Experts point out that often feel shortness of breath, shortness of breath, chest tightness, or even hyperventilation, these are the appearance of lung function decline.

Alert sedentary, obese, "waste" of your lungs

Many of Respiratory Medicine, lashed out at today's unhealthy lifestyle experts led to lung function, "disuse", although no one study of obesity, sedentary and the relationship between the decline in vital capacity, but "from the truth is you can talk down to."

People born before the breathing method used in the most scientific, baby automatically take advantage of the human body's largest and most efficient breathing muscle - so deep, diaphragmatic breathing, but with age, gradually being generated by the chest muscle activity of short-unscientific breathing replaced. Most people every minute for 10 ~ 16 times shallow breathing, shallow breathing are lower than those of the actual capacity of the lung, so that degradation of lung function unconsciously.

Shallow breathing, only the upper portion of the lung alveoli at work, accounting for four-fifths of the middle and lower lung lobe of the lung is in the "rest." Over many years so, the middle and lower lobes are not tempered and easy to make the aging lung, respiratory function is poor, can not satisfy the various tissues and organs of oxygen demand, decreased body resistance, susceptible to respiratory diseases, especially in winter, the elderly prone to cold Ougan pneumonia. Degenerative lung disorders, abuse of older persons in the lower lobes, which is a long-term result of shallow breathing and lower lobes, "disuse" has a close relationship.

Vital capacity began to decline from 30 years of age, people often do not feel, he called for doing something like ECG and blood pressure, routine physical examination should be added to pulmonary function tests. Because 1 / 3 of lung function decline in patients with no obvious symptoms, when the decline of activity, should check lung function, particularly in smokers and reduce the activity of products should be inspected.

Proposed deep breath five minutes a day

U.S. doctors call for adults to learn the baby's breathing, breathing deep and slow Shiyou, ups and downs in the abdomen also. Xia Xi Cheng suggested that the Office of the mental sitting, it is best to cultivate a daily 5-minute timed deep breathing habits.

In fact, China's traditional Chinese medicine have long been saying to breathe navel, and deep breathing is the same meaning. Is to make deep breathing, the belly has to go contract, breath, the belly has to go to relax, lower abdomen of the Gudang to be able to join with abdominal and chest movements.

Exercise pulmonary function, can do 3 to 5 times a week, each 30 minutes of aerobic exercise such as walking or cycling. If there is no time for exercise, you can doing the breathing exercises. Breathing exercises could have been one of the measures the treatment of COPD patients, pulmonary function of poor people can learn.

 The specific practice of breathing exercises are:

Take a deep breath before doing a few quick short deep breath, exhaled gas deposition to the lungs, do deep breathing exercise. Take a deep breath when the smoke filled the air and then hold your breath (not long), stop a moment and then exhale slowly, so that the oxygen into the blood. From time to time to do a day 5 to 10 minutes. If the feeling of hypoxia (such as chest tightness, dizziness, vague aches and fatigue), they can do so at any time. Take a deep breath when the principle of natural comfort, do not deliberately force, if the body does not feel that we should immediately stop. Take a deep breath to do a long time, the best do not always want to breathe in the mind means to be able to achieve natural breathing state.

In 2005 a second national physique monitoring (vital capacity / ml)

Age Male Female

20 ~ 24 3656.2 2415.9

25 ~ 29 3687.8 2421.8

30 ~ 34 3593.9 2377.7

35 ~ 39 3492.6 2333.8

40 ~ 44 3329.1 2253.2

45 ~ 49 3187.7 2156.6

50 ~ 54 3022.5 2034.5

55 ~ 59 2885.4 1949.4

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