Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Perfect sex can help you take the eight kinds of diseases, chemotaxis

Not long ago, the authority of the United States business magazine "Forbes" a changed tedious Economic Review style, the first time, released to the reader an active sex life beneficial to human health effects: prolonging life. Belfast Royal University experts found that strong sexual desire, and often have a male orgasm, the death rate than those with little less than half the male sex.

  Dull sense of smell:

Sex life will prompt brain cells in the olfactory center rod to form a number of new neurons to enhance the sense of smell.


Men, there are three or more times a week sex life, can the incidence of myocardial infarction and stroke risk reduced by half.

Influenza and colds:

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania study found that once or twice a week sex life, in vivo antibody immunoglobulin A, the number will be increased by 30%, have a preventive role of influenza and cold.


Popular around the world speaking on the bladder sphincter muscle exercise training is similar degree of sexual activity.

  Prostate Cancer:

Ejaculation higher the frequency, the lower the incidence of prostate cancer.


A passionate sex combustible burned 200 calories, exercise pelvis, thigh, buttocks, arms and chest muscles, can increase the amount of testosterone, which will help enhance the level of bones and muscles strong. "Men's Health" magazine has published an article that quilt is the best gym, and people are willing to approach this exercise.


American psychologist Gordon? Glaap said the sex life active, and the sexual partners of female contraceptive measures are not taken very few suffering from depression.


Before the advent of the high tide, oxytocin levels rise as much as 5 times normal, producing a large number of peptides, can alleviate headaches, joint pain, migraine headache

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