Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A woman's most simple skin whitening method

The skin in addition to sunscreen, but also need whitening, the following recipe for no harm to try a few introductions:

Winter Guazai Ren 15g, orange peel 6g, peach 12g, mixed research into Ximo, meal with rice soup tone clothes, three times a day, and even served a few months, the face will become white and tender and smooth.

Winter Mulberry fried gravy bottling Shouzhu back, every day morning, pour the juice with a glass face in the water wash of people, often washing the face can light soft.

Dried roses to soak in hot water to make it cool and then drop a few drops of olive oil on the used paint eyelid, the skin will stick to smooth and moisturize.

Drying-off skin erythema point, milk paint was drying on her face and location, make the skin shrink, and then lemon Fumian smaller spots after a week, and then smashed cucumber Gefen and after participation in an appropriate amount of honey paint several times, spots can be removed.

With traditional Chinese medicine ginkgo, grass fruit of all 22, plus one or two black beans, and research into smaller dividend of 30 copies of the morning every day to take a stirred into the water wash, and then rub on the cream, continuing the use of ~ months, the skin will become white and tender.

Apricot peel, slippery surface, light powder of equal parts, Yan Mo steam even for a moment, remove the Garonne brain and a little musk, and then mixing into a paste with egg white, wash your face every morning to get up after the medication smear a few months later, appearance will become pale smooth, bright, such as the Peach Blossom Spring.

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