Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Girls, a wife should know 10 things before

First, love is love, as long as love, do not be compared.

Do not always say how good someone else's husband, how to, do not reprove him good for nothing, you are his closest people, you have to say that he, as if not should, for most men, the praise and encouragement more than verbal abuse to give him strength to fight. What is more, love him he really hurt him? Love he must respect him, and then anger can not export wounding, the wounds of verbal and sometimes his entire life in bloodshed. Is easy to cure bodily harm, mental harm to the consequences are terrible.

  Second, ask the other party can not love your whole day.

If he love you, you do not have to ask; he loves you if he has done to your husband, did not he would be a clear recognition of his wife do? Unless he does not want the marriage of. His love for you, your heart feel the taste out. Love is made up and does not tell you. Old hanging in the actual words did not fall into the love is too pale, marriage is a realistic, life is realistic, romantic love, not real life. Marriage is the feeling of love from the daily necessities.

  Third, we should put his face to the other side of view, it is an angry woman ugly.

His work has been a lot of pressure, there is no obligation to return home depends on your face to coax you happy. The other side there will be personality shortcomings, details of life will be different with you, so you are not satisfied, but how he may be perfect, in front of you, he wants to put down the mask, be myself, to be a common people. Tolerance is a man, and the right attitude towards marriage,

 4, men of their own what is more important than our dignity, no matter how much he loved you in private, how afraid of you.

In front of others must give each other enough to face and let him do most scary is not afraid of his wife even more mouth of the indomitable spirit of man, he should not make fun of the General Assembly, like my friends joke that he henpecked. Unless he has enough strong backing and superior status, but we are mostly ordinary people呀.

 5, the men most like to brag, do not burst his little trick.

They are working so can allow himself to get some kind of power, find a little self-confidence to continue our journey following the struggle of life. A virtual sense of accomplishment clear up and make him feel not good? No one likes himself a nothing is. And his wife together, *** is the body's indulgence, the conversation is the soul of the indulgence, as long as the wife to be happy, relaxed him a little fool adhesion not it be nice

  6, the men all actuality, like beauty, but do not mistakenly thought he was lecherous.

Men see a beautiful eyes will stare or the ceremony, back row, do not think he does not love you, but also do not think he's lust, love of beauty is a man's instinct has nothing to do with the character. What's more, Amy Zhixin Ren we all share. Can not you do not peek too handsome guy

  7, do not be too vain, do not be too utilitarian.

The pursuit of material is endless, you are living their own, not live to see others, the shoes did not fit together only since one knows that comfort the most important, others are decorative, are illusory. Moreover, the saying goes: daughter easy to get a lover a rare find. True love is priceless, bonds of friendship is priceless.

8, men are like the gentle woman, because they are very fragile heart does not look as strong as they need his wife's Rouqingsishui, softly-spoken, light-pity honey love.

As long as you have a genteel appearance and temperament, such as blue, there is the voice of breathing In Portland, there is languishing a wavefront, it is easy of hundred-beaten steel as a pliant, and Wen Jui have this book called "soft knife", gentle , you can kill a man, for men, it is a fatal temptation.

9, the family is always first.

We need to work for, there must be professional ethics, it is necessary work, have fun, but do not do the work of slaves, we work to a more happy family together, enjoy life, enjoy life is very important

10, wife's parents that their own parents.

Care for the love of house and estate, look after, as long as deep down truly feel that this is my own parents, psychological attachment to a close for the elderly, the elderly back to feel the sincere. What's more, but old people much like children, as long as old as the coax to coax a child-like happy enough. We ourselves have the old one day.

Love and marriage is intrinsically different from that marriage means responsibilities. Operating a successful marriage is a lifetime thing, so is the responsibility of your life

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