Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to make your skin younger and younger?

A new era of female beauty are placing increasing importance on the appearance, and turn any one of MM's cosmetic bag, which had missed a number of bottles and cans. However, frustration is that so many women, since over 30 should have been a face own peach, the skin seems to open a full blossoming of the "rotten peach." In fact, as long as the correct "diagnosis and treatment", the skin cut is not a difficult age!

1. Attention to cleanliness not do "oil complex"

Skin age Nianba - Basically, acne no left your face, the situation is worst when, even the backs are covered with acne. Lu and Chu Dou used a variety of acne cream, but little effect, the summer is even more shiny and acne on the face while putting on a show!

Less age secret: Use fresh type or mild type Cleanser. You can do this: 1. After cleansing for a pot of boiling hot water, into Jiduo chrysanthemum, anti-inflammatory use of steam sterilization, expansion of pores. 2. Add pearl powder with honey to massage the face, both to clear pores, but also to ease out of the oil phenomenon, as well as whitening effect. 3. Do not have too much fat content in skin care products, quit greasy snacks, from the source control. 4. Select type of pores contraction in fresh water and herbal mask.

DIY: mung bean, honeysuckle, APF has cool annealing effect, make skin feel fresh in the summer more appropriate. Steps: 1. The mung bean, Pearl Barley, Angelica equal ground into a powder, then mixed together. 2. The powder add the right amount of water transferred into a paste. 3. Wash the face after face Apply dressing mixture and wrap it for 20 minutes wash.

2. Women pay attention to moisture not do Chenpi

Skin age 30 - often feel that their cheeks and hands are dry, whether multi-coated moisture cream, hand cream no use, particularly embarrassing is that cheek, back and arm and other parts will be itching for no apparent reason a little scratch what would be left white scratches, the skin like Dry's "tangerine peel."

Less age secret: the biggest moisture. Dry skin oil secretion and water content were relatively few, the skin dry and rough over the state showing that you can do: 1. Used less than the temperature of the wash water, choose a mild cleanser bland. 2. Do a good job moisturizing moisturizing homework, painted some more skin oil sub-products, such as BB oil or milk emulsion. 3. After the bath do not forget to be coated from neck to foot lotion. 4. On a weekly basis once a yogurt mask.

DIY: Yogurt has a good whitening, moisturizing effect, and the role of the moderate, will not stimulate the skin. Steps: 1. Pure fresh milk will smear the whole face and neck is also painted with the best massage for one minute, then use hot towels Shi Jing. 2. The yogurt (in without any fruit yogurt flavor tastes better) painted the face, neck, and 20 minutes later, with warm water wash, moisturizing liquid can be painted.

3. A two-pronged neutral skin care

Skin age 35 - now you are not working for their skin condition worried? T-zone face always disobedient to chaos shiny, while the cheeks are dry and intolerable, there will be dander. If we can strike a balance and we're OK, sometimes "Da Yima" patronizing, chin or forehead acne will still take one or two out of it!

Less age secret: Convergence and moisture to balance. You can do this: 1. For cleansing the skin has a certain number of both the role of facial cleanser and moisturizing cream. 2. After washing the face painted cream not too busy, first with the massage cream to the facial massage to promote blood circulation. 3. In the site easier to Mao You cucumber slices or tomato paste skin pores so that more clear, skin more shiny. 4. Every 35 days can use milk and cereal mask and hands doing the film.

DIY: milk, cereal with convergence effect, can increase the skin vitality and elasticity, so that the skin fresh lubrication. Steps: 1. Fresh milk, a tablespoon, add a little oatmeal, simmer for soft, can be placed to room temperature. 2. Milk after the cereal and mix thoroughly Fuyu face, when dry wash, face some cold water and then spray dried. If there is no cereal flour and add a few drops of olive oil can be replaced without heating.

4. Relieve the skin so finicky skin Bianguai

Skin age 38 - for each stay is not well ventilated place or heating the room, face and ears will become red, cheeks and even emerge on both sides of a small lump to a number of nameless, drying in the sun for half an hour on will feel more than facial skin began to swell and in serious condition when the sun will come out of red blood!

Less age secret: Allergic skin should be selected with the anti-inflammatory, sedative effect of exclusive skin care products. Do not use alcohol-containing thick and stimulating ingredients of cosmetics, you can do: 1. Even on the face dander and do not indiscriminately use the scrub, skin care brands do not often change. 2. When they go out to avoid the face and neck touches the pollen and other allergenic substances. 3. Eat vitamin-rich vegetables and fruit.

DIY: 1 tablespoon of honey, ripe bananas short. Steps: 1. Banana with a spoon or fork will be crushed into mud. 2. Stir honey and then apply mature face, avoiding eyes and lips. 3.10 ~ 15 minutes after the wash with warm water. If the product is too thin, you can smear on the face first, and then add a layer mask of paper fixed, deposited 10 to 15 minutes sufficient

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