Thursday, December 24, 2009

Which will lead to a woman's most so that men can not stand!

Recently someone asked me, his girlfriend said something or done something very boyfriend can not stand? This question was not answered, in fact, most of the men should all be described as good to get along, at least on the surface will be installed as easy to get along, but ... ... I must say that even if a man's patience again strong, or will there are so many girls to men beats, which do not Biao No ah ... ...

1, telephone Chaqin as recreation

According to three meals a day regarded as the normal volume of calls to you, it is likely that she would get up and call you, bedtime calls to you, call you in a good mood, bad mood calls to you, by bus calls to you, the toilet calls to you, SPA can also make calls to you, hit men to hear the phone ring on the pressure, they really do not know where's the so much, I could talk about?

The contents of a woman on the phone is usually "Where? Doing?" This very constructive dialogue opening, and then the "late resort to give you Oh," paved the way for the method of this very end, the length from one minute to the ranging from one hour, depending on individual's ability may be. In short, as long as you do not appear in front of, she would use their mobile phones "reminding" her existence.

2, shopping as a dating method

Such girls say they do not love sports, physical bad. Strange to say, as long as they like to go shopping incredibly physical, a man obviously did not go fast on two legs perception, and they could also keep dragging us to buy something to eat, buy something to eat ... ... one day is not Han Lei.

This girl also said that he is very weak and hate violence. Strange to say, every department store anniversary, when people feel that they may not see where the very soft and the crowd inside the charge forward, squeeze, push, pull, pull up ... ... what moves have come, but also a man when Her human shields to meet the tactical command of her struggling to move forward is simply to play football with the Mosha different.

3, some questions with continually reappears in

Do not know why this girl some questions with always the same as the LP Jumper constantly repeated, such as "I am not so fat?", "Do you love me?", "Today, I beautiful?", " This new dress good look good? "and so forth of the questions with the class.

Men are not unhappy to answer these questions, but continued with the same answer to answer the same question, for who would feel tired, if the answer is not the standard answer would have been severely criticized Daotou smelly, and sometimes even being asked in a short time On several occasions, how can people not crazy?

4, has been installed lovely nauseating as interesting

Such girls have a thing in common with you will keep talking all the time, "Diego the word" appears, say "My husband, this a good hot bowl Hao Tang," This sentence, from their mouth and speak out on the full-aliasing of the are likely to become the "arch arch, hot bowl of all things hot show tonight Oh," halo!

Or, they will be uncertain in the low 20 degrees head down, and then the eyes stretch 0.2cm, then languishing up look at you and a replica of the entire network of the United States since the elevation of young girls taking pictures, to be honest look at this picture on the Web like, in real life is not nice to see that the majority of men are so uncomfortable watching to see will definitely Hunshen bar!

5, when the Aladdin's lamp is also limited

Such girls are to men as Aladdin's lamp, as long as he wish enough. She used men would do everything for her would be to buy the things she wanted to give him, will take her to eat something to eat. However, he is your boyfriend, husband, not to apply for footman, plumbers, or drivers to work, but not every man's father is Li Ka-shing, who of course, no way to satisfy any of your needs, no way to keep to achieve all your wishes.

Men love a woman should be, but also there's a limit Caixing. Women do not want to be queen is estimated that the views of many men, but not necessarily a man everybody wanted to be butler ah!

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