Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Secret Life of 12 million times a man lying!

According to a recent British survey, the average daily on their male partners, bosses and colleagues lied 6 times, but females lie an average of only 3 times. And both men and women spread lies like most is: "Nothing, I'm fine."

Life of 12 million times a man lying

Recently, the issue of the TV series "Lie to Me" (Lie To Me) in the DVD version, the United States 20th Century Fox has launched a survey about lying. This started in the 2000 survey in British men lie 6 times per day. This means that a man lying on average 42 times a week, lie 2184 times a year, while the average lifetime of lying 126,672 times. By comparison, women on average 3 times a day to lie, lie 68 796 average lifetime. Of course, lies in the lack of these white lies.

The survey also found that both men and women is most commonly spread lies: "No, I'm fine." Men are more inclined to lie such topics as alcohol and partner's body. While women strive to cover up the truth of just shopping for something.

The respondents, 83% said they could easily identify the partner is not lying. More than half said they had been partners when exposed in the lie. The survey also indicated that almost 1 / 4 of the couple quarrel because one party lied, and 7% of couples break up because the party was lying. And 9% said because of the work lies in leaving his trouble.

Deceptive body language

British body language expert, said Richard Newman, body language is important to determine whether a person is lying ways, but people tend to overestimate their own ability to identify the lies that most people do not read out the liar's body to pass "signal."

Newman explained that many people think that a person will lie to hide their faces, afraid to make eye contact with each other, but, in fact, the opposite. "Lie often make every effort to persuade you to believe the truth, they will sit bolt upright, staring at you observe your reaction." Newman said. In addition, the eyes blink rapidly when speaking is one of the manifestations of lying. However, Newman said, even the world's leading experts on body language can only be judged by 85% of the lies.

Top 10 lies men

1. All right, I'm fine.

2. This is my last glass of wine.

3. No, you do not wear this dress butt was big.

4. Handset was no signal.

5. Phone was dead.

6. I'm sorry, I did not hear your phone.

7. I did not drink that much.

8. I've been on the road.

9. not that expensive.

10. Traffic jam, and walk.

10 women lie

1. All right, I'm fine.

2. Oh, this is not news, I've heard.

3.not that expensive.

4. Is the discount before buying.

5. I've been on the road.

6. I do not know where , I did not move over.

7. I did not drink that much.

8. I made a headache.

9. No, I do not have to thrown away.

10. Sorry, I did not hear your phone

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