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Access to the secret of the perfect female sex

Brazil: frequency of the world's second dare to try various positions

In the Durex "Global Health Survey 2007-2008", the Brazilian sex frequency in the 26 surveyed countries, ranked second; 85% of adults with at least one week

Times of life.

"Women's Health" magazine survey found that Brazilians are the source of passion, sex is the spirit of exploration and innovation: almost 1 / 3 of people often use sex toys, 77% of people will try new

Sex position or manner. Laser to the hair salon to provide technology by women welcome. Many women believe that to make himself more sexy, confident, and to improve the level of sexual pleasure.

Associate Professor of Medicine University of São Paulo, Brazil 卡米塔阿布 people had sex for more than 3 times more comprehensive investigation. She said: "Brazilians did not have much in the life

Prejudice, willing to innovate and experiment. Moreover, it is easy to communicate between partners in the pursuit of maximum pleasure can reach a consensus on. "But the Brazilian has not indulgence. 70% of Brazilian women

Believe that "the greatest sexual satisfaction from the relationship between intimacy and commitment."

More unique is that the famous Brazilian sexologist 玛塔苏普里西 in 2001-2004 served as mayor of Sao Paulo, and there are no precedents in other countries, which Pakistan can be seen

Westerners are not the general acceptance of sex.

"There an old saying in Rio de Janeiro, able to work together 'crazy' husband and wife, have a good marriage. I think this is a harmonious relationship between husband and wife highest rating it." 卡米塔阿布 to laugh

The said.

New York's famous sex therapist Esther Turpie Lille Comments:

Discover the spirit of the Brazilian great reference. Sex should not stay in a rut or a routine form, especially for those married longer, feeling better foundation partner even more so.

To learn the reality behind and create a kind of exploration in the bedroom, full of imagination sex atmosphere. Couples to realize that the real temptation to start before going to bed. Morning

Bathroom mirror ambiguous left a note, or send an implied message, will make you a day filled with expectations. Women also used to write stories the way, tell your partner

Sexual fantasies, and encourage them to make it a reality.

In addition, Brazil's reputation for sexy lingerie in the world. Its unique design innovations, with particular emphasis on women fit the curve of the hips, and hold up play a role. Because of its sexy hip, especially

Point prominent in the women play an important role in the overall United States. The study showed that waist-hip ratio of 0.7 women, men make the most fascinated. ▲

Sweden: Liu Cheng 7-year-old female orgasm sex education often

61% of Swedish women in sex, often to enjoy the climax, while the world average of less than 40%. Swedish women with high quality of life, and the wide spread of sex education in the country have


Swedish sex education from primary school to start, 7-year-old on the last lesson of the Enlightenment. In secondary schools, young people can take "kissing lessons" and learn the correct attitude to sex, such as a clear self-

Own consciousness, to master techniques of kissing. In college, young people can choose the subjects related to sexuality, sexual techniques, love, sexual dysfunction, contraception and abortion and other issues of course.

伊尔瓦弗兰 Sen Stockholm dedicated to helping women achieve a orgasm coach, has published "more height," a book. She pointed out that when the Swedish Open in learning biology

Understanding of the beginning, and, after leaving school many people are still committed to improving their own "sexual business." For example, the Swedish bookstore selling books in recent years, many are about sexual health or sexual

Health care. Such as "gynecological Bible: A gynecologist pussy treatment in clinical practice," describes a lot of female health knowledge, and how to stimulate the female sexual organs to orgasm.

In Franson's "climax of the weekend seminar", the adult females tend to get together, exchange their sexual experiences, answering questions for others. They have a young girl of 20 years old

, There are 65 years old. How to find the G point, how will their sexual fantasies into reality, are a hot topic.

Sex education in the United States House of Surrey Rock Comments:

Swedes on the seriousness of the problem is worth learning. Erotic movie by many people to get knowledge, in fact, sex education function of these media is very limited, but a lot of content

Are wrong. Sexy media images about women, mostly from male fantasy, is the product of overly sexy. We should be like the Swedes, like, read several books on sex

Knowledge of books, or elective courses on a scientific theory to guide practice in the bedroom. ▲

Israel: Recently there have been seven adult women take the initiative to request the climax

Recent study of 14,840 women conducted by the Israeli survey, 72% of people in the most recent culmination of sex, 71% of people know how to make sex in need -

- This result shows that most women understand Israel, "there must be ground to ask the proceeds," the meaning.

Israeli journalist Maya Na Na application introduced in the past 20 years, Israel has become more and more women take the initiative, which is related to the popularization of knowledge. Now more and more women into sex when

As masters of their own to relieve stress and way of life. In Tel Aviv, many women will go hand in hand to the sex shop to buy things, the female mini-oscillator is become their "close friend

. "

"Extraordinary climax Guide" Marshall Miller, author of Comment:

In the sexual process, the men are very much like to know what women need. But they will not easily ask exports, because it would seem their lack of experience. Therefore, men tend to self-

The rhythm has to act, while women just lay there, the lack of initiative and imagination of "the climax he brings me tonight." This interaction can never bring the perfect sexual experience


In fact, women can take the initiative in the following ways. We must first understand themselves, including which parts of the body most sensitive and how to stimulate the most likely to reach orgasm, sex partners in the hope

How to move; Second, tell their own needs and learn the language suggests to your partner, such as "feeling great, even if the friction to stimulate the clitoris"; again, with actions suggested, partner

Can usually be keen to capture the female body signals; Finally, the sound suggests nothing more than Jiao blow and moaning, encouraging more men to fight the. ▲

Greece: the number of global priority the most sex is life

Greece is the world's largest country in the number of sex - sex 164 times average. In a separate survey of European human habit of the Greek men for the first time to catch up with "old champion," the French,

Sex frequency with which to share the honor of the first.

Athens National School of Public Health, said sociologist Elizabeth Aeolian Nidi, Greek life, sex is a major event, called "national pastime." "Sex is a Greek

Top priority in life is pleasure of our favorite one of the ways. One sentence out of words to appropriately describe the Greeks love and sex, it is Just do it (like love

Love). "

New York's famous sex therapist Esther Turpie Lille Comments:

Carpe diem attitude of the Greeks is the source of the female Flirt. In the bedroom, we hear more and more words were "Not tonight." Marriage is always one or both

To a variety of excuses to refuse sex; even if reluctantly whom, there are some people not to join or absent-minded.

Sexologist this phenomenon also invented a proper noun, "wait and see", it refers to the process of women in the sex adopted the attitude of a spectator, this is the joy of the killer bed sleeping mat. Studies have

Shows that when women difficult to obtain sexual gratification absent. They either can not reach orgasm, either pretending to orgasm. But if they can focus their attention on the feelings of the body, reactions will become

Have a strong, sexual quality will be higher.

Meanwhile, the Greek or "aphrodisiac" was born. The word comes from Greek mythology, specifically in charge of the goddess Aphrodite and the beautiful. In mythology, Aphrodite was born to love God

In the oyster shell, making the oysters and sex are closely related, it is becoming a widespread help of food. In addition, the Greeks especially like to drink honey water, that it increases sexual desire,

To call them the "nectar of Aphrodite"

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