Sunday, November 7, 2010

Simple four full chest of a woman rubbing action

Women who are upright in the chest, useful for a variety of Feng Rushuang, and has done ... ... but had a lot of shaping strong, effective but also not always good. Compiled by some of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine massage, try, let your fingers between the breast operation, easy to bear fruit. Come and try!
Tight chest muscles
1, put his hands on the arms, along the periphery for circular massage the breast.
2, respectively, below the breast with both hands from pulling up to the Zuoyouliangfang until the clavicle position.
3, the hand on the top of the areola, making up the spiral massage.
4, repeat 8-10 times each action.
Efficacy: tight chest muscles and strengthen its support to make your chest more and more pretty.
Stimulation of breast tissue
1 to fingers of both hands, trapping the tissue around the breast, 3 seconds per stop.
2, hands open, respectively, by cleavage parallel to press down until the breast periphery.
3, between the breasts to do 8-shaped massage.
4, repeated twenty times for each action.
Efficacy: to stimulate breast tissue, so that the breast grow up.
Pulled chest curve
1, the body stretches, the raised right hand, straight up, right foot is extended downward.
2, for five seconds, stretching his left hand for his left foot, the body straight as possible.
3, left and right turns around the stretched five times.
4, repeat 8-10 times each action.
Effects: chest to the lungs to fully straighten the arm muscles, stimulate the breast, pulled the chest curve.
To the chest will not loose
1, starting from the breast center circle, up until the clavicle Department.
2, foreign aid from the breast began to draw a small circle spiral way to do massage.
3, the two hands gently grasp both sides of the breast, Pull up slightly, but do not Niede too hard.
4, repeat 8-10 times each action.
Benefits: the chest is not loose.

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