Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ears can be seen from the health of your internal organs

Ears can be seen from the health of your internal organs, their own mirror to see it, can find out what diseases you have to do!!

Through the right ear of the observations can be speculated that the body's health. Observed mainly from the right ear color, luster, shape changes, localization diagnosis of several ways.

 Color, luster On the ear the whole, the normal ear ruddy and shiny, this is a congenital kidney essence of adequate performance; if the ear dry is not shiny, Kidney essence inadequate response to the body.

Ears pale white, and more common in cold cold; also be found in less than ferrite yang people, these people more afraid of the cold evil wind, cold hands and feet. Ear swelling, mostly "get angry" and it is commonly found in liver and gall Huo-wang, or hot and humid. Ear dry charred, mainly in the infectious disease or diabetes late, because at this stage, the body has seriously Hao Shang Yin Ye. In the ear showed some partial flush points, or flake, dull red, dark gray and so on, common in gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers and other digestive diseases.

  Morphology Another element of hope ear is to observe morphological changes. Heavy ears of the people, Shenqi sufficient; ears, thin and small people, mostly kidney qi deficiency. Ear partial nodular-like or cord-like uplift, point-like depression, and no shiny people, multi-tips with chronic organic diseases, such as cirrhosis, cancer and so on. The ear of local blood vessels is too filling, expansion, you can see the circle-shaped, strip-like section and so on change, commonly found in people who determined to abnormal pulmonary function, such as coronary heart disease, asthma, and so on. In addition, if the ear pus, swelling and fever associated with ear pain, hearing loss is otitis media performance, traditional Chinese medicine believes that this is disturbing, or wind-heat on the liver and gallbladder damp heat.

Localization diagnosis Diagnosis in terms of positioning on the ear, the human body in the ear, the distribution is like an inverted fetus.

Lobe is equivalent to the face, as a result of "get angry" Erzhi teeth, gums, swelling, or face a long a small lump, you can use the thumb and index finger kneading ear lobe, or ear lobe prick blood-letting on, there is a good treatment effect. Often there is beauty beauty earlobe by pinch effect.

Openings of the ears is a depression called the ear cavity, the local equivalent of the chest organs. Often stimulate the parts of the blood and circulatory system have health effects. Ears can be placed at the index finger and thumb into the back of the right ear can pinch.

A cavity above the ear is called ear A sunken boat, the equivalent of human abdominal massage here to help digestion, and has the power Qiangshen spleen.

Peripheral auricular helix is equivalent to the trunk limbs, neck and shoulder pain in patients with low back pain and other body should more pressing helix.

Today's ear clinic, compared with traditional ear clinic, joined the precise positioning of the ear content. Attending law also no longer limited to look-up care palpation, dyeing diagnosis method, bio-assay methods such as electricity is booming. Of course, the ear is just look Chinese, "Wang invasive procedure" as part of the body to determine health status, diagnose disease, should be combined with other manifestations of the body.

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