Saturday, February 20, 2010

How can I make a woman more in demand?

Love where everyone would have more or less weakness, so that you can not zoom to the maximum charm. This is a very annoying problem. Now how do immediately to test what kind of change the only way you can become more sought-after bar! Take a look at your love nirvana What is this?

1, do you like the object?

Usually always talk to boy / girl - Q2

Rarely talk to boys / girls or there is no love object - Q3

  2, do you like what kind of team uniform?

Baseball - Q4

Basketball - Q5

  3, a child what kind of games do you like?

See-Saw - Q6

Leavened slide - Q5

  4, do you prefer the kind of drink?

Soft drinks - Q7

Juice - Q5

  5, do not like what you compare?

Asleep - Q10

Awake - Q7

  6, do you like what kind of birthday present?

Teddy Bear - Q8

Jewelry - Q10

  7, if you are supported by the five million prize money, do you think how to collect better?

All at once to get - Q11

Get 10000 each divided into five take - Q14

  8, do you want to like what people are prepared to lunch?

Triangular rice balls - Q10

Sandwich - Q9

  9, you want people who like where encounter?

Tree-lined path - Q12

Seaside - Q13

  10, do you take pictures appear more frequently when the look was?

Funny - Q14

Smile - Q9

  11, do you feel kind of person is more easy to get along?

You have three little people - Q15

Eight great person you are - Q16

  12, if you decide to write a love letter to him, what will you seal the envelope I do?

Painting a pork on a skewer - E-type

Paste cute stickers - D-type

  13, you will love to ask the question who?

Integration together with your close friend - D-type

Experienced older male / female - C-type

  14, your clothes are mostly what color?

Of warm red or orange line - Q15

Cold blue or white color - Q13

  15, do you think the face of which circumstances the more chance of winning?

Tough but honest competitors - B-type

Delicate, but great pains to put the opponent - C-type

  16, do you think the situation in which the most romantic embrace with lover?

Downpour - A type

Continuous drizzle - B-type

  A -

  A type of you - frankly the first step is to enhance the combat effectiveness of love

Your weakness is that love is not enough frank 唷! Encountered favorite object, you often in order to hide the inner love, deliberately in front of swing-up shelf to TA.

Do not be less ㄍ 1 eng a! Try to open up a bit, a little more honest expression of their intention bar!

  B -

  B-type for you - make you a little more considerate in demand

You are kind of difficult to hide his temper, any Zhilaizhiwang people. This character is very easy for you to become a bit self-willed, discretionary, would call each other too much 唷 loudly. Please do not forget that love is something two people, mostly for the sake of what the other side, love will bloom and bear fruit one day 呀!

  C -

  C-type for you - by retreating to the other side is more love you

Very social wrist you can always easily with the boys / girls mix. However, this can easily be mistaken for you are a bother to bring the boy / girl, rather than contact with you really 唷. In fact, you should make good use of Click to retreat into the small means, in order to let your weaknesses into strengths 唷!

  D -

  D-type for you - do not deliberately to require that all Suiyuan

Very masculinity / femininity of you seem to hold too much for the love romantic paranoia 唷. This alone is enough to let the boy \ sub / girls Hello to you at arm's length. Do not ever want to talk about a Qiongyao Shi illusion of love, to see the reality of seizing the moment is the key to success 啦!


  E-type for you - take the initiative to pursue their own happiness

You have a gentle and quiet personality graceful charm. However, for the attitude of love is indeed a conservative too far. Do not only dare to your loved one is far from looking at the positive came up a little bit to try and speak, and sometimes take the initiative more effective than sit back and wait 唷

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