Thursday, February 4, 2010

Three kinds of bad habits make you more tired, more rest

Day holiday, many people feel that to work, study the pressure suddenly much smaller, can not wait to go to work to change the law during the habits, sleep until noon, get up and casually eating fast food after the act as "brunch" and then are fully air-conditioned Internet access, one sitting in the day. Experts remind that this irregular rhythm of life is likely to lead to "the more rest the more tired."

  At noon, get up and go to bed

During working hours is always 67 o'clock get up, of course, play beautiful rare vacation and then sleep, anyway, do not have to go to work, sleep until 11:00 and then get up have no problem.

Expert Comment:

Of nature to human beings during the day activities organized time, stay up all night sleep until noon, and after the effect is equal to his or her entire clock literally dragged next several hours, anti natural opposite direction, of course, in poor health.

In accordance with the biological cycle, every morning is 0-3 deep sleep time, sleep is the best time. No one should delay the golden three hours sleep. This means that people have to sleep in between 22:00-22:30, and then 0-3 points in the morning in a deep sleep state. Many people entering the deep sleep, the afflicted by terrible, hear breaking sound. That's why the 3 hours in the morning the highest incidence of important reasons.

Medical studies have shown that strong period of growth hormone secretion, metabolism of human epidermal cells are the most active time in the morning between 0-3 points. This time do not sleep, right in the period of growth and development of children, is a suppression of body growth, behavior; this time do not sleep, will affect the speed of cell regeneration, leading to skin aging. This will be a direct reflection of the consequences of terror in the faces on the ladies. The kids want to grow any taller, ladies who wish to maintain their facial skin is good, we must be sure to cultivate the habit of falling asleep at about 22:30, the best point at 0-3 in the morning a state of deep sleep. As the old saying, "Chou Shi roof three inches shorter," which is used to describe 1-3 o'clock at midnight, Wanlaijuji, nature quiet, even the eaves are lazily nutation silver in the "sleep" and people should be so.

  Breakfast Lunch combined

Holiday, and is not at work also to the canteen for dinner, and he is too lazy to cook. Simply putting a breakfast and lunch together called the fast-food takeout, and then fail, they eat snacks, top belly.

Expert Comment:

Breakfast and lunch, "ID cards", when the appetite often than usual. Stomach empty for nearly half a day to take over immediately after such a large task, it is possible to deal with, however, there stomach pain, abdominal distension and other discomfort. In the hungry so long after the body's absorption of nutrients will be more "fierce", and the nutritional content of fast food and snacks tend to be less balanced, with high-fat, high sugar majority.

  Air-conditioned rooms online to pass the time

Outside, many people went out on a sweat, not as good as at home, blowing air-conditioning, Internet, watching TV more relaxing.

Expert Comment:

Has been a long time sitting at work, if the holidays are all day to sit on the cervical unhealthy. Air-conditioned room air ventilation for a long time to stay inside the right heart and brain blood vessels is not good. As the sweat can body of waste and toxins out in vitro, in the comfortable environment of constant temperature to be too long and is not conducive to the body's metabolism, but also the body's ability to adapt over time will decline

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