Saturday, February 20, 2010

Husband and wife are living longer

Red flower different kind devoted married couple, husband and wife loving longevity benefits.

According to the Japanese Ministry of Health census results of the analysis showed that divorced couples with a happy family life than the average male life expectancy 12 years shorter for women and short life span 5 years old. Italy, a weekly on hundreds of thousands of residents in the two years to investigate the cause of death was found alone activists, the mortality rate of divorce than those who have a healthy married life the mortality rate is much higher. Some of the 7,000 residents of California for as long as nine-year study found that lonely people who caused the death by heart disease, there are even more people than 2 ~ 3 times.

Shanghai authorities had held a "golden good companion," selection activities, just a few months, they received more than 2,000 copies of recommended materials, carefully selected, from which 66 pairs of Ping Chu "golden good companion." Their average age was 77.1 years with an average age for marriage is 55.8 years. We had interviews with some "golden good companion," they both are great responsibility of leading cadres, or the ordinary retirement of employees; whether a higher level of education professors, experts, engineers, or low levels of literacy workers, peasants, salespersons, have said in unison: the couple should be white-headed old to learn, first and foremost to buyers owe respect and affection; loving husband and wife until later life enrichment before we talk about health and longevity.

Why is beneficial to health and longevity affectionate husband and wife?

  Loving husband and wife can be added to the sweetness degree of psychological

French thinker Rousseau in his famous work "Emile children" and said: "If we remain married after the sweetness of love, we are also equal to the ground into the paradise." Loving husband and wife, enjoyable, like living a heavenly sweet life. It is not often say "there is no love life, like a tree without flowers or fruit," then lost the love of married life, but also like a losing fragrant flowers, no fruit trees. Only older couples fly together, mutual respect and mutual love, in order to happy and feel happy and wholesome. This is the essence of old age married life care. He was 92-year-old revolutionary comrades of childhood, Xu Teli and Schomburgk's childhood and later married. Xu joined the revolution after a long time, couples from different places, but his attitude towards his wife consistently. After the founding of New China, Xu Teli as the party's senior leadership positions, his wife immediately to Beijing. Xu firmly opposed to that because of the status, identity change and left his family and son, grass is always greener unethical behavior. Ms. Xu after arriving in Beijing, Xu devotedly attached to her husband and the wife loving as ever. Ms. Xu Guo 80th birthday, someone donated a Hengpi, a letter to the four characters: "Tong-kai to the old." They had married ten or eleven years of age, from childhood to Haoshou, 60 years of solidarity, Luan-Feng, and Ming's married life, so that the two boarded the "child-kai to the old" palace longevity.

  Loving husband and wife can enhance the degree of happiness in life

Happiness is a good feeling from the heart, is sincere and true inner feelings from the heart, is a warm thrown up from the bottom of my heart a sense of pleasure. One psychologist said: "The light of love shining in our daily lives, like lightning to mediocre ravines and dense woods into a spectacle like the mythical." Make everyday life loving husband and wife don glitzy of Choi Ha, enhance the warm happiness to make life's enjoyable and fun. This would avoid the accumulation of malignant emotional stimulation, helps boost the body's immune function, help slow down aging tissues and organs.

  Loving husband and wife can increase the degree of physical harmony

Husband and wife can create a harmonious living environment, family to live a happy harmony. Medical studies have shown that: When the person's mental state is good, the body can secrete beneficial hormones, enzymes and acetylcholine and other biochemical substances that make the blood flow and nerve cell excitability in the degree of adjustment to the best condition, so that the human body various organs, the system in a good state, which is no doubt very useful for people's physical and mental health. Moreover, the intimate and harmonious sexual life of husband and wife make the body's mental, physical activities, maintain a youthful vitality. Husband and wife is the world's most caring people, children, and then filial piety, they can not accompanied by day and night, while the husband and wife can give each other is meticulous and considerate care, the so-called his wife in bed, sick do not worry. The bottom of my heart at ease, help to resist disease and promote recovery. Yunnan has a hundred pairs of long life, Zhao Zhen, Yang Bao, had each other, mutual care. There are times, his wife suddenly fell ill, watching helplessly dying, Zhao Zhen waited on his wife's bed from morning to night, someone advised him to go get some fresh air, how can he also refused to leave his wife half-step. A few days later, his wife's illness miraculously better. People say this is Zhao Zhen sincerity touched "God", in fact, as the French philosopher Voltaire said, "Healthy love is an exuberant vitality, even if destroyed by the storm will not wither."

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