Thursday, February 4, 2010

100 Tips for living a healthier you

How would people should live a healthier, happier? It is everyone wants to know. To this end, "The Times" invite 10 experts in different fields, each expert made 10 recommendations of life. This 100 life "Tips" represents the latest scientific research and lifestyle trends, with a strong guiding significance.
Body Maintenance
1, long happily married and living together: Statistical data show that single men, a long-term harmonious family relationships than those of men to face more danger.
2, daily doses of high-quality deep sea fish oil (cod liver, flax seed, etc.) capsules. There is evidence that this can help increase intelligence, reduce heart rate, may also help prevent Alzheimer's disease.
3, Do not smoke. This is indeed a cliché, but it is to avoid sick or dead the best way, if you side still smoke, while also repeatedly expressed concern about personal health, which has no meaning.
4, pay attention to food labels. The more you understand the food ingredients and its impact on their health effects, manufacturers have to pay more attention to ensuring food security.
5, regular physical activity, but do not go too far. We must remember that with age, body joints the cartilage will become increasingly vulnerable.
6, there must be faith. Growing body of evidence shows that those who believe in a firm would be even lower blood pressure, life expectancy longer.
7, it is necessary for their normal physical condition and well aware of the non-normal conditions. Doctors think that people of their own if a sudden change or timely respond to any discomfort, they will benefit from the Philippine shallow. Once the felt symptoms, they should immediately consult a doctor.
8, in accordance with doctor's orders. More than half of patients do not follow doctors prescribe medication on time. Research shows that thousands of people died so long-term or long treatment.
9, pay attention to conservation of teeth. Pain not only would undermine the people's quality of life, according to the latest research shows that those who usually ignore dental health, their life expectancy is even shorter.
10, remember we have to be moderate. If you eat three cream cake, you certainly will get a corresponding "return." And vice versa.
Sex Collection
11, to choose gentle, passionate words of praise partner's sexual performance. Never before in the gentle talking about a negative topic.
12, do not take a partner's genitalia, secondary sexual characteristics or sexual performance of a joke, no matter how friendly the starting point, or just find it interesting. In this regard can not open any joke.
13, not straight to the point will be its own unlimited sexual fantasies to come clean. Is best expressed through the mouth of a third party, like in the南希弗莱迪book "My Secret Garden" and see it, will pave the way for other topics brought.
14, and give their feelings frankly tell each other. Some partners do not like to express my gratitude to each other - making love are not social welfare activities - when you feel good, please tell each other their true feelings.
15, a new guise. Do not always in a position, should try different positions, so as to enjoy more moments.
16, condoms, spermicides can cause the subconscious uneasy? From the long-term consideration, the two sides is best to carry out a one-time health checks.
17, telepathy is not what people's strengths, so the potential neglect their own inner happiness body, should be their own true feelings to tell a partner. In the sexually reticent and will not be any good, frank, expected to disclose their wonderful feeling, do not hide their feelings.
18, shoes. God does not require a man must do this, a woman must do that. The same is true in bed, multi-position stand on the other side think.
19, well-planned. Ready to try your skills listed in the future one day, to arrange a two-person appointments. Sent in advance to each other suggests that the more love the fire burn more wang.
20, sex fresh. Not to busy with work, children or family life and the loss of sexual pleasure. They live in a month once a hotel. First drink champagne, and then shower together, you can indulge in the last two world.
Brain Gymnastics
21, open eyes. The surrounding scenery, characters, can see everything is eyes. Efforts to these people, goods it down after the test yourself on how memory.
22, to focus attention. No matter with whom, or to see what things should be concentrated.
23, listen and ask questions. Will you hear all the information organized and reach a conclusion.
24, to establish good relationships. To around themselves to create a network of relationships. Interpersonal network uses a very broad, both can be used to discuss with others, can also act as a spur of their own and challenge effect, help to discover new things, explore new vision.
25 things optimistic. Research shows that optimists live longer. Even if the cup is usually half-empty state, you have to see the glass half-full.
26, daring to explore. Best studied under from painting to paragliding, from sailing to singing a variety of activities to enrich their own experience,.
27, meditation meditation. After attending a working meeting with the lover or just go boating and when that happens, you can sit down and think about themselves of which were learned?
28, setting goals for himself. Guarantee that at least every week in the effort, perhaps you just learned a poem, perhaps you just guessed a puzzle.
29, life to break the stereotypes. Avoid always repeated the same boring thing, not step by step way of life.
30, challenging their imagination. When you mind there are certain ideas, then, you have to move on its reverse side to consider and see what would be the inspiration.
Environmental Awareness
31, cleaning refrigerators, reduce engine running time in order to save energy and save money to achieve the double effect.
32, the thermostat down 1 degree. You will not notice before and after the temperature down, but you can save 10% would have heating costs, but also to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
33, purchase of environmentally friendly furniture. This refers not only to buy your furniture will not release harmful gases, but also think about the furniture you buy is not the product of destroying virgin forest.
34, the washing machine filled and then activate the button to save energy and water.
35, by filling out the questionnaire at home the way of energy conservation of energy, because energy questionnaire lists a number of cost savings, efficient use of energy and practical measures.
36, the use of re-filling of cleaning products, call fixed-line telephone, select your nearest store, so save the container, energy conservation.
37, household plant can effectively play its "plant power." Chlorophytum, palm trees, white flowers, and chrysanthemum, and so combined indoor pollution in the absorption effect is remarkable.
38, using a water-saving Wei.
39, the junk mail for recycling.
40, regularly monitors the water meter.
Doctor note
41, Do not go rushing to a little sick to the emergency room number, somewhat waste of resources.
42, advanced appointments only 10 minutes, but you have to be late for 15 minutes. When you are told, has no immediate arrangements for your treatment, do not make a weary and surprised expression.
43, do not use their own do not understand the medical terminology; "chronic" does not mean that "serious" - not all can be called a migraine headache.
44, have not heard before the doctor's first suggestion, do not rush to ask the second, we must patiently listen.
45, refrain from taking on the doctors described their own medicines, such as "is the kind of light blue, egg-shaped", it is best to remember name of the drug.
46, refrain from holding a doctor's prescription drugs, his mouth went on to take traditional Chinese medicine therapies are safe.
47, do not insist that because he was "dazzled," to conclude that their high blood pressure.
48, office colleagues in a cold, you should say to him, "You look pale, we should see a doctor."
49, do not wait until the doctor finished prescription, you only said to him, his allergy to penicillin.
50, refrain from the principle of land tonic. If you always suspect that the lack of what the body should first go to the hospital inspections.
Marriage Guidelines
51, treated with courtesy. A close relationship does not mean you can be rude; "please", "thank you", "I'm sorry" and other terms are all polite and friendly performance.
52, have their own private space, keep a warm and mutually respect each other's interests. Own happiness were pinned on the person who is actually artificially increase the burden on individuals.
53, when you want to partner said, "I want you to do something time", remember not to say, "You should ..."
54, husband and wife gentle, do not just care about the romantic moment, excluding serious consequences: for example, unless it is in the economic conditions permit, and when you want a child, otherwise we must take appropriate contraceptive measures.
55, from time to time holding hands in public. Although only a small movement, but bit by bit into showing in the infinite love and romance.
56, each conversation, we must patiently and carefully listen to each other, not just muddle through: to be in-depth understanding of each other's content and meaning of words.
57, Tomohito of the heart is equally important with the loyalty and trustworthiness, but also not the same, loyalty is an essential requirement of monogamy, but forgiveness is not commonly used, but possess the qualities to be back.
58, you can not change the partner's behavior, unless you change their behavior to make their own response.
59, a person must accept his love for all, including all the shortcomings, people director, have also been not long ago, to mutual tolerance, mutual respect and mutual love.
60, breath fresh. Only in the case of a partner to eat garlic, you can eat.
Consumption of calories
Here is someone who weighs 68 kg, 30-minute workout in the process, the consumption of calories, as for reference, you know how to sharpen the:
61, Running - 525 calories
62, play football - 292 calories
63, swimming (50 yards per minute rate) - 315 calories
64, weight training (including a brief resume training) - 382 calories
65, handball - 345 calories
66, basketball - 330 calories
67, jumping - 428 calories
68, Squash - 308 calories
69, cycling (4.6 minutes to ride 1.6 kilometers / 1 mile distance) - 300 calories
70, cross-country skiing - 495 calories
Note: This would depend on the level of an individual's health is determined by the intensity of training, if perhaps not have to adhere to 30 minutes.
Their children's health
71, although our goal is to promote the whole family insist on a healthy diet, but a small chigger inevitable minor illnesses. As the growing needs of the child's diet and adults are different, require special treatment.
72, once the child began to take shape three meals a day eating habits, it should also require them to eat fruits and vegetables quantitative, which is applicable to everyone.
73, children of all ages should be a great deal of exercise. Together with their parents exercise, or see the child for both parents to exercise an incentive for teenagers in terms of the same.
74, vaccination is to protect the child shall not be an important measure to serious illness. But usually the prevention of disease is also very important.
75, infants and children at different developmental stages of serious illness or other problems have to accept checks. To do this right child health is very important.
76, if the child really sick, when to trust their own instincts, to have confidence in their own judgments - you sure know their children.
77, if the child is sick, we must carefully consult doctors and nurses to seek suitable for the child's treatment.
78, children are temporary sexual problems are common. At this point, we must communicate with a partner, find the program suited to their children, then solve the problem, most problems can be solved properly.
79, should not have unrealistic hopes of its own forcing kids to avoid increasing the pressure on the child.
80, always must be ready for first-aid box, which will help you to deal with emergency issues.
To overcome the following issues
81, if you suffer from fear and try to reach some kind of rare or endangered animal terror. We must remember that fear of known things, than to fear of the unknown things that much easier.
82, if you are unable to concentrate, always losing things, such as Ironing iron on at the time of its original place while they buckle down to action anything else at this time, as long as they follow a simple principle can: pick up the iron, back to work.
83, if you act in "deviant", usually out of disgust communication, time, find an opportunity at the ball dancing the dance, in the future, and then someone said you unusual, you can take a retort.
84, if you made a nightmare, a dream you know there are people telling him consider again and again prior to the deep. Not to say that to maintain "silence is golden", but this at least is a kind of philosophy.
85, if you are always angry for some trivial matters intolerable, calm down, think about it carefully. Do you always think that many things are not fair and impartial?
86, if you are always slips of the tongue, does not matter, no need to try to cover up. Slip of the tongue in general would you most want to say the words to express.
87, if you feel your nerve disease troubles, on the release bar. Should be positive and optimistic face it, do not despair.
88, if your neurasthenia is getting worse, we must ask for help. To find a psychiatrist. But who to turn to then? Of course, looking good in!
89, to find a good therapist, first try to use an oral presentation, if a friend had received this treatment, ask him "where medical people." If not, only to find general doctor.
90, "unconscious" needs a little friction to appear, therefore, we must remember that you are not going to find a new therapist, where a close friend, of course, will not have "common destiny", and if this does not work for you immediately to choose the other 1.
Health threats
91, "Cell Phone Elbow disease" - the victims fear that they are suffering from a stroke, but the University of Chicago, Rush, John Fernando Sri Lanka said that holding the phone a long time of oppression elbow ulnar nerve, which can seriously weaken the power of hands.
92, "Christ cancer" - Maastricht University researchers warn that often went to church may be a result of inhalation of devout believers church incense contracted cancer, because incense contains high levels of carcinogenic substances .
93, Diary of mad disease - Glasgow Caledonian University study that adhere to the habit of writing diary will increase the risk of headaches and anxiety. In addition, while meditating while writing will have a sad feeling, if you always read repeatedly record your daily experience of pain and adventure, this created the situation worse.
94, winner of the sadness - Cardiff researchers have pointed out that the winning team's fans are more likely than the losers after the game when a 24-hour celebration will be under attack.
95, you never can not remember the ATM card number it? University of Melbourne, Australia, neuropsychological emphasized that this is not forgetful, it is only because you have too strong conservation awareness that has caused a temporary oblivion.
96, Playtex (famous Italian underwear brand) dangerous - according to British "plastic surgery magazine" report for the love of men bra solution will probably scratched finger. 40% of men have been linked to dangerous grip bra experience.
97, "the body was confused" - Keta De (Cotard) syndrome, which refers to the patient's own sense of internal organs or body parts and the external realities of the world has changed, in part does not exist, serious patients will believe their own and the external world no longer exists. A patient recently reported that, in order to prove themselves no longer alive, he has repeatedly tried to commit suicide.
98, "Terminal terminal disease" - According to a research institute a 10-year study, said people who live near the airport, the probability of suicide is twice as common people, the probability of accidental death higher than the average person 60 %.
99, nostril taboo - to go out to avoid engaging in risky activities in the tropical regions of the small river in the wash. According to the Hong Kong Medical Journal said that the river might be in the leech crawl into the nostrils, causing permanent nosebleed.
100, "News depressed disease" - from the TV announcement will enable you to demonstrate the clinical frustration. Nottingham Trent University claim that just 15 minutes long TV can make you notice the spirit of chaos and turmoil

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