Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter Skin Whitening 10 guidelines for women's bedtime

Winter is the period of martial law, ladies skin care, cold and dry a serious threat to the beauty MM in these young skin, how to our skin in cold weather wear protective clothing, do it to survive the winter? Immediately sent to your winter 10 Skin Care guidelines, as long as care about a little before going to bed, beautiful skin with you through the winter!

Rule one: clean the skin, massage-assisted

Go to sleep before the skin clean, washing when you should first clean cream painted their faces, and then washed with soap. Choose as little spice wash soap, came up with foam, then use the middle finger and index finger in the face by a top-down, gently massage from the inside out. If the use of side brush oily skin get good results. Keep in mind that massage must use clean water clean.

Guidelines 2: Multi-jealous, to protect the skin

Do not misunderstand! Is not so that you always point the opposite sex for the boyfriend and trivial jealousy Oh! Vinegar has some cosmetic effect. In the warm bath before going to bed and Canada the right amount of vinegar, particularly after bathing comfort. Vinegar mixed with glycerin to 5:1, often rub use, make the skin rough and delicate.

Rule three: bedtime cup of cold water, such as jade Rouliang skin

Beauty monk, before going to bed for a glass of water on the skin is very useful. Because when you sleep, this precious glass of water in your cells cycle being absorbed, so that your skin is more delicate smooth. Especially in the winter, the more you can make your skin to avoid drying.

Rule four: orange peel water bath, the skin did not trouble

Winter, oranges, preserved orange peel, dried in the sun. When taking a bath before going to bed every day, put it in a gauze bag, soak in the bathtub of water. Water for bathing and there is beauty with orange peel effect.

Guidelines 5: Dinner Do not too full, skin color and good

Dinner, if you eat too full, will result in sleep blood concentrated in the stomach, face, blood volume decreased, affecting color. But also to try to avoid or a small amount of intake of salt, it is best not to drink alcohol, so avoid the early morning hours around the face and eyes appeared swollen condition.

Guidelines 6: Uninstall before going to bed, skin refreshing

At bedtime to remember the face cleared like capacity can not be lazy yo, because this is conducive to night-time respiration and excretion of skin waste and sweat; if incorrect cleaning methods can easily lead to eye irritation.

Guidelines 7: Magical tea bags, eye pattern equatorial

Tea bags will not only be able to soak up the tea and light, but also has the effect of beauty! Soaked in water before going to bed with wet tea bag, and then pressed on the eyelids for 10 minutes, and then coated with cream, which is conducive to eye skin maintenance, but also to prevent the production of crow's feet.

Guidelines 8: neck compact, can not be ignored

Neck skin is very thin and fragile, and its distribution of the number of sebaceous glands and sweat glands is only one-third of the face, sebum secretion less water holding capacity of the natural facial worse than many, and thus easily lead to dry, easy to breed wrinkles. Therefore, cleansing at the same time every day, do not forget cleaning the neck; smear Shaping Shaping or moist type, late frost, since the neck skin care products are usually able to make a compact.

Guidelines 9: milk Zhumian, skin relaxation

The magical hypnotic effect of milk. Therefore, people who are vulnerable to insomnia, bedtime may wish to drink a glass of fresh milk, which will relax your nerves, makes you sleep easy. Quality of sleep so that the skin can fully rest, than any other skin care products are more effective.

Guidelines 10: Farewell stay up all night life and radiant skin glow

Zaoshuizaoqi, bid farewell to stay up late, smoking, healthy life will make your skin to reduce wrinkles, maintain moisture, all day radiant, supple charm

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