Saturday, February 27, 2010

A woman with the most primitive way of attracting men

For men, the women are all very nice to enjoy things, but is best to use the nose to appreciate.

To appreciate a woman with the nose

I would like to use the nose to the memory or contact with a woman. I sum up a woman to enjoy the best way is to walk behind her, a slight bow, the wind blowing through her neck gently circulated atmosphere, a little taste if not, had the second best and smell the flavor of the hair, if hair have no taste, had to circle around to see her face, but also greatly increase the chances of disappointment. Some female human body Yi Xiang, Do you want to hear it impossible that such a woman is difficult to forget, it is difficult to work with her nose was constantly harassed, the brain also follow an idle speculation.

So the smell should be fairly primitive sexual attraction, because the original, I think it is more than the art of visual stimuli, particularly in the face of numerous familiar or strange day, a woman and spoke with could not have hit it off, why not the original direct Smell the way, then leave without having to build the face of beauty and ugliness, knowledge experience, Constellation interest.

In short, I feel, as long as scented, every woman is beautiful.

- Literary and art workers

The wonderful picture of a moment

The most beautiful woman scent of the body belt should be distributed inside the neck and arm faint breath. A woman's neck is not easy to exposed areas, is often overshadowed by the hair, the hair between the flickering, if women are inadvertently pulled into his hair, then gently slide the high, this moment arm and back inside neck are unconsciously revealed, it rains a trace of sultry heart and soul of the fragrance, combined with upper body beautiful fabric lines out the most distressing dazzling images, to me, can be described as a soul-stirring tremor.

- Painter

Hair upset the sense of

I like girls, hair, distributed by smell shampoo that not only taste, there are some faint scent of the gardenia flower. When we walk through the hills outside when the breeze blowing over the time, I like to look at her long hair was blown chaos, like the smell that kind of Ruoyouruowu of the atmosphere, accelerating a sudden my heart beating, there is a Hold her desires.

- Students

Dangerous Scent of a Woman

I would not tell the brand name perfume and flavor variety, but I know a woman with the perfume as "Dangerous Scent of a Woman", and I have a certain degree of temptation. My current girlfriend because of her smell made me pull on her hand.

It was late autumn last year, one afternoon, and I walk in a deserted little street, a girl wearing a red windbreaker face came, I was showing one of the line of sight of the dynamic group Some Like It Hot, my thoughts have not could react, and that mission has drifted away the red, shed strands of lingering fragrance, my nose is subconsciously Meng Xi 2, the pace can not help a 180-degree turn, seek the courage to follow the fragrance kept trained curl away ... ... At that time, a voice telling me: you dream of angels appeared to seize the fate, or regret it for life.

- Bank staff

Are all the fault of perfume

It should be said, when our wedding was quite romantic. I am more sensitive sense of smell is often a direct impact on my mood. I liked her from the sofa, holding back my feelings, just washed semi-dry hair, seductive fragrance bursts of wind around me, hand fingertip a little taste of Lily stroked my face, the familiar scent conveys romantic atmosphere, gave people an infinite reverie. However, after marriage and dull, that I feel has been a long absence, the Heart. We knew it, I was attracted to another woman's scent, even though I am guilty.

One day, she said to me: "You who have a woman's fragrance." I was surprised by her tone so calm.

I still remember that night, I pushed open the bedroom door of the scenario: two small-Cang Orchid type of high-profile flickering candles shining ambiguous soft, plug in a few pieces of the vase and pleasant aroma of lilies, bedroom was filled with the intoxicating atmosphere, looked at her affectionately eyes, a long absence, excitement rise in my heart, a most familiar with the exciting taste of my sense of smell. Hey, passionate woman!

- Engineer

Ignite the imagination of a man fragrance

Perfume fragrance based on a different tone system, which gives a rich flavor imagination effects. There is stress on the scent of men know that to some fragrance smell, you may think of a woman's posture, as people's olfactory system is directly convey certain information to the brain nerve center, and then from the brain reflecting some kind of image.

Some smell smell gives full, soft feel; some give the impression of steady maturity; some exquisite taste will be reminiscent of embossed curves. We can say that perfume smell can shape a completely different style of woman.

For example, green scent of incense notes or neutral in itself is not sweet, are Qingcao Wei flavor, a woman with this perfume is not only smell fresh, but also think of a light champagne, mind emerges out of natural light and slender as a mannequin postures; and orange moss fragrance notes, so that men produce exquisite slender curves, emitting a thick woman charm

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