Thursday, February 4, 2010

Seven strokes: to become a woman to seize a man's heart

Many women often complain about with other people, why her husband did not attach importance to their own, why her husband like to see those beautiful women on the streets, why her husband do not want to go home from work, why they are not able to attract enough husband. All these problems do not know how many women troubled.

Women have complained that the man asking for too much, he not only ask you to get the living room, Entering the kitchen, but also ask you to humor, smart, elegant, lovely face of it, they should be able to seize her husband's heart is really a good woman difficulty,. Today happened to see a "happy woman HAPPY buy", the book, which is a strange name, called "Kids his mother" netizens to use cartoons to express the state of their lives, a book, and in just a few hours watching the All the contents, let me how to do a new era with the charm of a woman all of a sudden new understanding, just here to share with you.

1, to humor

This author is a full-opportunity woman, a few years just on the Prodigal Taobao more than 1 million, her witty language used to explain the course of her follow suit, and her husband's dialogue is often disclosed in the humor in tact, so that her husband obediently willing to be captured and kept the deposit money to pay her for her lost treasure inside.

Second, try to change

Many women before marriage youthful, married Huang Lianpo reduced the ranks of the willing, no man likes a dirty woman, more than to change its image and try a variety of fashionable elements, even if your husband does not boast your mouth, and my heart will be to maintain the freshness of your time, while the author of the book is well versed in this art.

Third, open-minded attitude

There is a saying in this book I was very impressed: a woman born a man to spend the money, you do not have to take him to another woman flowers, tone of voice trouble another woman, or I Come! A look at a particular thought is open Zhu Er, not the kind of looked at her husband every day, are not allowed near other people's women, men, you are more stingy, Yuekan tight, he will run faster.

Fourth, learn to get along with

Coexistence between men and women is a steep learning curve, needs its own multi-attitude adjustment, multi-patient the other side, just like book authors point out: a woman should be a magnet, rather than a rope, tied him less attracted him.

5, to be a little woman

The book looks by loud noise like a character straight, Taidalielie personalities, in fact, after reading you will find that she is simply provoke a little compassion for a man woman, a typical会撒娇, will self-willed, would be high-handed, will be sensible of the little woman Such a woman's most colorful and most men like to move.

6, the family atmosphere of harmony

Each one is a family who want to have a mind to its own safe harbor, if your husband would go home and always felt that the smoke is thick, or bench him to do, or mother-and daughter waiting for him to resolve the contradictions between the is feared that he would prefer a few days of hotel accommodation. Learn by using a lighthearted, lively way to deal with family members with each individual relationship.

7, to self-confidence

Must have self-confidence. Do not always think that with age men are not interested in you will also try to try to fashion clothing, loud laughing, making new friends, of exquisite makeup, women over the age of 30 after more rely on personal charisma to infect humans, then the conditions for the development of such charm that there should be self-confident.

Institute of the above points, you will find the charm of a new era make a woman have not been difficult, but surely you get in return is to make you feel pleasantly surprised, have been infatuated with the taste of her husband I believe that no woman unwilling to try. Go, with "his kids mother" to do with the charm of a new era of women

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