Friday, February 26, 2010

13 in the recipe so that your hair black, bright

Chinese eyes, the hair is an important feature of good and bad human body, at a glance, your physical condition immediately fingertips. The body's two energy materials, refined and blood are to protect your hair black, shiny an important material basis, once the color white, the energy crisis looming.

1, peach kernel 1,000 grams, sugar amount. Put cold water immersion peach kernel first 3 days after the peel tip out, and then white sugar right amount into the pot, wait until after melting into the peach kernel, stir well, cool to do

2, black sesame, soybeans, peanuts, walnuts each equal parts, respectively, saute, fry, and research into a fine powder and mix thoroughly after. Daily bedtime with milk, soy milk, or boiled water 1 tsp. Diarrhea unfit for use.

3, lotus to 6-10 grams, 15 grams of Eclipta prostrata, Jiantang clothing, day 1.

4, 500 grams of brown sugar into the pot, add water a little. In order to slow fire, when suffering to a more thick, and then into the fry of black sesame, walnut 150 grams each, and mix thoroughly, that the cease-fire. Sugar solution to take advantage of hot-melt coated with cooking oil on the surface of the enamel dish, to be coolish, will sugar and compacted with a knife divided into small pieces after cooling at random food.

5, quail eggs, 2, fleece-flower root 30 grams, 20 grams of raw land, add water, a total of fried eggs, cooked peeled, into the soup cook for a while, Spoil fresh eggs Yin Tang.

6, 100 grams of fleece-flower root, jujube 10, white wine, 500 ml, soak half a day, early morning service a key, long-term use will enable the shiny black hair.

7 night eating 20 fried black beans, black sesame seeds 1 spoon, a total of Tsui's key, long food can be UFA.

8, 25 grams of crushed black sesame seeds, rice amount of wash, add water, Gong Zhu as porridge, often adorned with food.

9, fresh 100 grams of mulberry (or dry 50 grams), amount of boiling water until thick, add 300 grams of honey to boil a cease-fire. Decoction after cooling reserve bottling. Time to take a spoon to drink of boiling water washed 2 times a day.

10, black sesame amount, 9 steamed nine drying, Yan Mo; jujube to go nuclear, smashed into the mud. To the amount transferred into a 2:1 cream, or made into pills. Daily morning and evening each taking 10 grams, serving up to the hair black.

11, Pomegranate dried for the end of the mixing iron powder with a little rice Gan Tang Granules 3 grams, early, late of 1. Clothes for one year.

12, 60 grams of Cordyceps sinensis, white wine 240 milliliters. Cordyceps immersed in the wine, dip seven days and nights, filtered residue obtained juice Waicha affected area 2 times a day.

13, black beans 120 grams, Vinegar 500 ml. Cuzhu black beans into a thin paste, filtering back. In order to brush dipped in vinegar paste, made outside the whitewashed office, 2 times a day. However, there Boil hair and other skin diseases were not available

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